Double Takes: The Nicest Umbrella

Here’s the scenario: it’s raining buckets and you’re walking down a crowded street, you along with most everyone else is carrying an umbrella. As a result of sheer congestion and the cumbersome nature of the umbrella, you nick many of those passing you by and vice versa. Anyone unfamiliar with this scenario either lives in a) an extremely unpopulated area, b) lives somewhere it doesn’t rain, or c) both. Maybe Antarctica, if you’re from Antarctica, the following is not for you.

Joo Youn Paek’s 2005 product concept, the Polite Umbrella is pretty much exactly what it sounds like.

“A user can easily adjust their umbrella anytime by pulling a handle so that one can protect themselves from harsh winds or bumping into others. The shrinking movement is immediate and is capable of morphing shapes to that like of a jellyfish. Additionally, graphic images printed on the umbrella have animated effects which create gestures of politeness such as bowing or hand gestures. Furthermore the umbrella also has readable quotes related to good manners in order to initiate communications.”

I want one! What a cute concept!

(Thanks Core 77)