Double Takes: Sidewalk Psychiatry: Candy Chang

Candy Chang’s Sidewalk Psychiatry is brilliant, and intelligent, and so very much more:

“While doing some habitual walking and thinking one morning, Candy thought it would be nice to have some help along the way. Pedestrians in the city often find themselves walking in deep thought. A routine trip can prompt reflections on everything from future goals to last night’s dinner conversation. As people sacrifice personal time for hectic schedules, these casual occasions for reflection become all the more important.

Sidewalk Psychiatry encourages self-evaluation in transit by posing critical questions on the pavements of New York City. Now your daily ponderings and emotional problems can be prodded and treated on the go – and, best of all, it’s free of charge!”

Vandalism…shmamdalism. No but seriously, I personally consider (some) graffiti. Not to mention, Chang’s stencils are all done in temporary spray chalk. I would love to stumble upon some of Chang’s work while walking to class or work.

(Found via Boing Boing)