Double Takes: A Home For Alice

I’ve mentioned before in previous posts my love for collaborative photography projects as well as Polaroids. A Home For Alice is a project that combines the two, and I’ve fallen in love. After Alice commented on a few posts here at Double Takes, I learned of the project. The concept behind it truly has heart:

“I left home a year ago, and since then, i keep looking for a place to live. A place to feel home. But didn’t find it yet. So I had this idea about a world wide art project, simply called “A Home for Alice”, where people would send me via post mail a Polaroid picture of their house, along with a little text about why they feel home there.”

The submissions are all featured on the project’s blog, as well as in an exhibit at the Rosie Gallery in Melbourne, Australia. At the end of the project, the best submissions are going to be compiled in a book. Tomorrow I plan on grabbing my camera and getting a shot of my house, expect it shortly Alice!