Double Takes: Written on the City

I’ve posted about ephemeral art quite a bit before. I’m an avid reader of the Wooster Collective and an adoring fan of Banksy, so naturally when I read about Written on the City I was immediately intrigued.

“Written on the City is a glimpse into a vast conversation happening illegally and in public. All over the world, people are writing messages on the walls and sidewalks of the cities in which we live. They are staying up late, breaking the law, and taking risks to say something to you. Some of it is funny. Some of it is beautiful. Lots of it is upsetting, crazy, and brilliant at the same time. And all of it is important.”

The project began back in 2006 thanks to Axel Albin and Josh Kamler. In its original form it was a website collection of photographed graffiti messages from around San Francisco. Today, the website has expanded to hosting images from over 100 cities and is now available at a book.