Double Takes: Glamping


When most people think of traditional camping images of small tents, sleeping bags and battery operated lanterns likely come to mind. There are definitely more convenient and comfortable forms of camping today (think 3 room campers with electrical hookups and pop up front porches). However, never before have I seen such a lavish take on the outdoor escape as what is being coined Glamping, or glamors-camping. Places like the Clayoquot Wilderness Resort in British Columbia are truly changing the modern name for camping, that is if you have a couple thousand dollars to offer up for the experience. Back in September, the New York Times ran an article called Camping? Yes. Roughing It? Not Quite about the glamping phenomenon. Although many glamping serices don’t provide internet, electricity or cellphone service, they do offer lavishly furnished tents and a bucket load of other inticing amenities that convince even me, someone who’s always been a fan of roughing it, to book a weekend.

(Found via Free People Clothing/Images via Clayoquot Wilderness Resort)