Double Takes via Vondy

We had absolutely lovely weather this weekend in Mid-Missouri. To make the most of it a friend and I decided to head downtown for lunch and a trip to the used book shop. Somehow I scored a 1st edition of Capote’s In Cold Blood for quite cheap. Success!! It’s no secret I love books, whether hardcover classics, 1st editions, or NYT bestsellers, a good read is a good read. I recently stumbled upon Handsome Books, and well, I feel in love and had to restrain myself from draining my bank account. The website archives, sells, and “specializes in books with decorative publishers’ bindings, designed and illustrated by some of the leading artists of the 19th and early 20th centuries.” Just take a peek and you’ll be sold, literally. I’ve just found my slice of heaven on earth.

(Found via Vondy)