Double Takes: Greetings From Korea

Two weeks in and I can hardly process that Korea is my new home. It’s been an exciting and emotional transition, but alas I am starting to get settled and situated. With an internet connection established and other priorities ticked off my to-do list, I should resume regular posting (and reading of all your blogs).
A brief overview of my first 14 days here in Asia:

  • My carry-on (with all my valuables) was stolen off the plane and has yet to be returned (fingers crossed for me?)

  • Got a bike and a plant for my new flat, expediting the ‘this is home’ feeling.

  • Ate bugs, worms, and live squid (yes still moving) my first weekend in the country.

So excited to have you along for the journey!
(Photos from my iPhone: 1) the view from my flat. 2) Silk warm larva/dinner) 3) Remnants of a Korean sushi dinner. 4) One view of the street I know call home.