Double Takes: The Geography of Youth

It’s no secret on this blog that I’m a bike lover. I have never owned a car, but I’ve always had a bicycle to call own. In college, along with my writing degree, I studied geography. What’s the point of all this? Just a little context to why The Geography of Youth project has got me all giddy.

“Leaving in July of 2011 from Fairbanks, Alaska we (Alan and Morrigan) will bicycle 30,000 miles around the world through more than 50 countries documenting what life is like for twenty-somethings all over the planet. We will be sharing those stories and our adventures from the road with the online community through digital postcards on this website.”

It’s brilliant I tell you, brilliant! The only thing I dislike about this project is that Alan and Morrigan are not riding through Seoul. If they were, I’d insist on making friends with them.