Double Takes: Notabilia: My Asia

As a blogger, there’s little I find more flattering and rewarding than being featured elsewhere. I’ve been blessed in the past with opportunities to write for other blogs, like Smitten of Glamour magazine. I’ve also been apart of segments I love, like the Boarding Pass series on Prêt à Voyager.
Today, I am honored to add another opportunity to the list. The lovely Singapore-based blog Notabilia has started a new series called My Asia, Which features posts by different people living in Asia about their city and what inspires them about it. I am thrilled to be the first installment of this series with My Seoul and I eagerly await the forthcoming posts. It’s days like today that make me so grateful I set up shop on this humble plot of cyber space nearly 4 years ago and for the truly inspiring and wonderful connections I’ve made as a result.

(image by Jeanette Levy via Notabilia)