The dabbawallas of Mumbai are truly a culinary and cultural phenomenon. In their latest episode The Perennial Plate documents a day in the life of the lunch delivery men of Mumbai.
“Each day in Mumbai 4000 men in white outfits and matching hats transport 175,000 lunches across the big city. They retrieve the tiffens (lunch containers) of food from mothers and wives, and bring them (by foot, train, bicycle and even carried on top of their heads) to the office buildings of waiting husbands and sons. The Dabbawallas have been doing this since the late 1800s. Despite the unsophisticated mode of transport, the lunches always arrive on time (the error rate is 1 in every 16 million transactions).”
I first learned about dabbawallas while in Mumbai last summer. I was completely impressed with the statistics of their operation and I think Daniel and Mirra have done a wonderful job capturing this aspect of Indian culture.

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