Double Takes: Giraffe Manor: Kenya

My first thought after reading about Giraffe Manor was, “Places like this really exist?” They do, in a suburb outside Kenya’s capital city. Nairobi’s incredible Giraffe Manor is a hotel in 140 acres of indigenous forest. While the location and facilities are stunning, what’s most spectacular are the herd of Rothschild giraffes who visitors share their accommodations with.

(Found via CubeMe / Photos via Giraffe Manor)

Double Takes: Continental Pillows

I simply adore this Cushy Continents pillow set from Uncommon Goods. Their product detail describes them best, “Rest your head close to home on the US pillow or drift off to far away lands with the Asia and Africa versions. Either way, you can rest assured that these bright and cheery pillows help the greater good by providing fair wages and development opportunities for artisans in South West India. Pillow cases are made of cotton and decoration is applied using Batik, a traditional Indian art to create patterns on fabric.” I’m sold!

Double Takes: The Ride Journal

The Ride Journal is a compilation of 148 pages filled with writing, art and photography all about bikes and the act of riding them.

“The idea was to create a journal of personal stories. Bikes have changed people‚Äôs lives in so many ways and we wanted to gather a small selection of these tales.”

Furthermore, to prove the creators are truly passionate about cycling, they’ve pledged to donate profits from the journal to Re-cycle, an organization that arranges to have reconditioned bikes sent to Africa to help give families a means of transportation.

(Found via We Heart Stuff)