I love this ironic piece by Evan Drolet Cook called Places I Haven’t Been. I was blessed with parents who strongly believed in family vacations. Every summer we’d pack our Chevy Astro conversion van and head out in one direction or another from my childhood home. While I most certainly have not seen as much of North America as I’d like to (I’ve never even been to Mexico or Canada), I did get to see a lot from the windows of that van. Thanks Mom and Dad.

(found via Junk Culture / image via Evan Drolet Cook)

Double Takes: Over the Weekend

While I love to cook, I don’t necessarily love cooking in Korea. It has presented many culinary conundrums. Mainly, those challenges relate to ingredients not available in this neck of the world and a kitchen without an oven. It didn’t take me long after moving here to learn that I can’t cook like an American in Korea (easily), so best to learn to cook like a Korean. After two years of self-education, I spent the weekend finally getting formally educated in the ways of Korean cooking. I enjoyed a wonderful lesson from the chefs at On’go Food in Seoul and learned to make Andong jjimdak (A boiled chicken dish) and kkadoogi (radish kimchi).

Double Takes: Nautical and Map Pillows: Salt Labs

My mom is in the midst of redecorating several rooms of her house and I, on the opposite side of the world, have been trying to help. From picture frames to pillows, I’ve lent my hand via e-mailed opinions and shared links of inspiration. During one of my searches, I stumbled upon designer Robbi Lindeman’s site

Salt Labs. I’m absolutely taken by her map and nautical print pillows. Be sure to check out her recent guest post over at Poppytalk, in which she gives a fabulous tutorial on how to make globe garland.

Double Takes: 50 of the World’s Best Breakfasts

I’ve adopted most aspects of life in Korea. I take my shoes off when entering someone’s home and I bow to my colleagues. But, I just can’t get on board with the Korean breakfast standard, which generally looks a lot like lunch and dinner. Usually, my breakfast is a mug full of cereal eaten during the 2 minute commute from my apartment to work. I was fascinated by this photo series 50 of the World’s Best Breakfasts. I’m curious, what do you eat for breakfast?

(photo by Scott Butner)