Double Takes: OVER THE WEEK(END)

Happy New Year. I’m back from Japan land. Of all the countries I’ve visited, I found Japan to be one of the most enchanting. The food was amazing. I ate plates and plates of sushi to my heart’s content. The people were unbelievably kind, courteous and downright delightful. The palaces, temples and shrines were captivating. Long story short, I would love to go back. Who’s coming with me?

Double Takes: Unofficial Pop-Culture Map of NYC: I Screen You Screen

Kyle and Courtney Harmon have a great thing going with their Etsy shop I Screen You Screen. My favorite piece is their

Unofficial Pop-Culture Map of New York City. This comprehensive guide to the city’s most famous real and fictional sights includes locations like Central Perk from Friends and the Ninja Turtles Headquarters.

(Photos via I Screen You Screen)

Double Takes: Over the Weekend

Winter has barely made its way to Korea. I spent the weekend enjoying the lingering pleasant weather. I took a long walk through some unexplored neighborhoods where I stumbled upon the Mr. Toilet House, visited the local art museum for an East Asia exhibit, and feasted on oysters (loads and loads of them).

Double Takes: Mass Games: Werner Kranwetvogel

The Mass Games, or Arirang Festival, is a yearly spectacle held in North Korea. Tens of thousands of participants perform synchronized acrobatics, backdrops (human billboard painting) and music. While the entire event is said to be astonishing, the human billboard performance is perhaps the most impressive. Thousands of schoolchildren depict different scenes by flipping through a book of colored pages. Werner Kranwetvogel’s photo series of the 2005 games are absolutely awe-inspiring.

(found via design boom / photographs by Werner Kranwetvogel)

Double Takes: 50 of the World’s Best Breakfasts

I’ve adopted most aspects of life in Korea. I take my shoes off when entering someone’s home and I bow to my colleagues. But, I just can’t get on board with the Korean breakfast standard, which generally looks a lot like lunch and dinner. Usually, my breakfast is a mug full of cereal eaten during the 2 minute commute from my apartment to work. I was fascinated by this photo series 50 of the World’s Best Breakfasts. I’m curious, what do you eat for breakfast?

(photo by Scott Butner)

Double Takes: Ballerina Project: Dane Shitagi

The Ballerina Project, by photographer Dane Shitagi, is the work of 10 years and countless professional ballerinas. In the photographer’s own words, the “Ballerina Project is not ‘dance photography’ but an etching of a ballerinas heart and emotions.” Indeed it is, as well as an incredibly elegant, street-level look at New York City with some of the most graceful models.

(found via See Hear Say / photos by Dane Shitagi)