From Chiang Mai to Doi Inthanon – Local Guide

As far as visiting Northern Thailand is concerned, Doi Inthanon is a dream destination for many travelers. Those who have visited the place can’t stop praising it. You must have heard the accolades people accord it. Are you undecided regarding staying there? This piece will end your dilemma. By the end of the article, you will know whether Thailand will be your destination, come next vacation. Keep reading for a cover of this famous place.

What is Doi Inthanon?

Do you know Thailand’s highest peak? If the answer is a no, worry not. It is none other than the Doi Inthanon.

Doi Inthanon – Thailand’s highest peak

The summit sits in a district in Chiang Mai. It goes by the name Chom Thong district. It is surrounded by a national park with the same name. We are about to reveal every detail of this site. Continue reading! Continue reading “From Chiang Mai to Doi Inthanon – Local Guide”

New Book Features the Graphic Design of Chinese Characters

Hanzi • Kanji • Hanja: Graphic & Logo Design with Contemporary Chinese Characters celebrates the ancient writing by compiling more than 100 graphic works from Japan, Korea, Taiwan, China, Hong Kong and further.
“Thanks to the growing popularity of Asian cultures, graphic innovations of these centuries-old characters have begun to shine through in the world of modern design, demonstrating excellent skills at crafting ideas and visualising abstract concepts within complicated forms.”
The book showcases graphic works from logos to book covers and movie posters.

Via Creative Roots

5 Minutes, 8 Countries and the Stuff Travel Dreams are Made Of

Christian Grewe traveled to eight countries and dwindled the footage from his adventures into Travel Love. The spectacular 5-minute video takes you through Chile, Bolivia, Peru, Uruguay, Argentina, Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand. Grewe‘s colorful images are truly the stuff travel dreams are made of.

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Double Takes: Over the Weekend

Winter has barely made its way to Korea. I spent the weekend enjoying the lingering pleasant weather. I took a long walk through some unexplored neighborhoods where I stumbled upon the Mr. Toilet House, visited the local art museum for an East Asia exhibit, and feasted on oysters (loads and loads of them).

Double Takes: Notabilia: My Asia

As a blogger, there’s little I find more flattering and rewarding than being featured elsewhere. I’ve been blessed in the past with opportunities to write for other blogs, like Smitten of Glamour magazine. I’ve also been apart of segments I love, like the Boarding Pass series on Prêt à Voyager.
Today, I am honored to add another opportunity to the list. The lovely Singapore-based blog Notabilia has started a new series called My Asia, Which features posts by different people living in Asia about their city and what inspires them about it. I am thrilled to be the first installment of this series with My Seoul and I eagerly await the forthcoming posts. It’s days like today that make me so grateful I set up shop on this humble plot of cyber space nearly 4 years ago and for the truly inspiring and wonderful connections I’ve made as a result.

(image by Jeanette Levy via Notabilia)