Double Takes: Greetings From Korea

Two weeks in and I can hardly process that Korea is my new home. It’s been an exciting and emotional transition, but alas I am starting to get settled and situated. With an internet connection established and other priorities ticked off my to-do list, I should resume regular posting (and reading of all your blogs).
A brief overview of my first 14 days here in Asia:

  • My carry-on (with all my valuables) was stolen off the plane and has yet to be returned (fingers crossed for me?)

  • Got a bike and a plant for my new flat, expediting the ‘this is home’ feeling.

  • Ate bugs, worms, and live squid (yes still moving) my first weekend in the country.

So excited to have you along for the journey!
(Photos from my iPhone: 1) the view from my flat. 2) Silk warm larva/dinner) 3) Remnants of a Korean sushi dinner. 4) One view of the street I know call home.

Double Takes: Continental Pillows

I simply adore this Cushy Continents pillow set from Uncommon Goods. Their product detail describes them best, “Rest your head close to home on the US pillow or drift off to far away lands with the Asia and Africa versions. Either way, you can rest assured that these bright and cheery pillows help the greater good by providing fair wages and development opportunities for artisans in South West India. Pillow cases are made of cotton and decoration is applied using Batik, a traditional Indian art to create patterns on fabric.” I’m sold!

double takes: Taz Ah Mugs

avesome mugs

These adorable Taz Ah Mugs appear to be your standard white coffee mug until you throw back a sip and find the cute animal mouth images on the bottom. They remind me of the Pick Your Nose and Pick Your Animal Nose cups.

(Found via

And these are my mugs with an elephant and a rhinoceros, which I brought from my amazing trip to Thailand.

My elephant mugs from Doi Ang Khang

If you go to Northern Thailand, I definitely recommend to visit Doi Ang Khang. I still have unforgettable impressions about this amazing journey. Doi Ang Khang Guide you can find here –