double takes: Newlywed Map

Jordon Ferney created a truly great DIY for Project Wedding. The practice of marking one’s travels on a map with pins is nothing new. But, Ferney’s Newlywed Map is a clever take on that old idea. The article includes instructions for mounting the map nicely and resources for buying a variety of pins. I especially like Ferney’s idea of marking not only where you’ve been but also where you want to go and where your friends have gone. I find everything about this project adorable.

Double Takes: Generic Names for Soft Drinks Map

Shortly after moving from Chicago to mid-Missouri to attend college, I learned not everyone referred to carbonated beverages as pop. Who knew? I spent the next few years ridiculously hesitant/confused about what to order at restaurants. This map gave me a good chuckle. What is your preferred soft drink term?

(Found via TrendHunter)

Double Takes: The CitySlipper by SWIMS

Little beats an item that is both fashionable and practical. The CitySlipper by SWIMS is an example of that. The rubber galoshes are flexible and fit over most high heels while they provide traction for slippery surfaces. How about this added bonus? The sole of each product is imprinted with a map of either New York, Paris or Tokoyo.

(Found via Electro^Plankton)

Double Takes: NYC Bike Racks: David Byrne

David Byrne, best known as the former front-man of the Talking Heads is the master mind and designer behind New York City’s newest installment of bike racks. He teamed up with the New York City Department of Transportation and New York art gallery PaceWildenstein to produced nine new racks which will be placed in various locations throughout the city. Each one is an iconic representation of the neighborhood it’s located in. They’ll be in use throughout the city for a year before going on display and up for sale at PaceWildenstein. Visit to view more images and see a map of locations.

(Found via Intelligent Travel)

Double Takes: Map Collage: Shannon Rankin

Etsy artist Selflesh aka Shannon Rankin has created some amazing map collages. In her own words:

“In search of connections among geography, anatomy and botany, I combine the visual elements of maps, anatomical illustrations and natural forms to explore themes of travel, healing and time.”

As an aspiring travel writer and map collector, I’m finding these pieces hard to pass up. Check out her Etsy page and blog for more examples of herwork.

(Found via Roadside Scholar)