double takes: The Geography of Youth: Part 2

Last month I posted about the utterly awesome and inspiring Geography of Youth Project. Alan and Morrigan have done awesome things, are doing awesome things and are about to do something very awesome. In July they’re setting out to bike some 30,000 miles around the world, while photographing and telling the tales of twenty-somethings in …

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double takes: Oritsunagumono: Takayuki Hori

Takayuki Hori, an MFA candidate at the Kanazawa College of Art, was awarded first prize at the Mitsubishi Chemical Junior Designer Award. Oritsunagumono, mixes origami with the skeletons of eight endangered animals. His work is stunning. (Found via Spoon and Tamago)

double takes: Music Genre Posters: Edit

Edit, a “NYC/ London based creative technologist, designer and art director” curated a poster series, in which various designers created a poster representing a single music genre using a single shape/single type face. The end result is simply incredible. (found via Fubiz)