Double Takes: Incredible Architecture: Slovenia and Spain

The Ofis Arhitekti team is responsible for these fun and colorful balconies. The building holds affordable family housing in Izola, Slovenia.

The unbelievable architecture of the Hotel Marqués de Riscal in Spain is the work of Frank O. Gehry. The luxury hotel is located in Spain’s Rioja wine region and holds 43 stunning rooms.

(Found via Inspire Me, Now!)

Double Takes: World’s Most Creative Buildings

I love lists, I don’t know how many times I’ve said that here. It doesn’t matter the type, from best-of to the to-do list, I love them all. Some of my favorite blogs lately have been of that format. Oddee has compiled a list of the World’s Most Creative Buildings and I couldn’t get enough. Visit their site to see all 9.

As for the spoiler pictures above: the first is the Longaberger Basket Building in Ohio, it serves as the headquarters and home offices of Longaberger Baskets (as if you couldn’t have guessed). The second is the Dancing House in the Czech Republic, which I’m quite excited to see in person while living in Prague this summer.

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Double Takes: Mass Photography: Arthur Mole

With an 11×14-inch view camera and little more, Arthur Mole staged some incredible mass photography. His subjects were iconic national symbols around the time of WWI. Mole utilized thousands of military troops and other groups to form these bird’s-eye view spectacles. You can view his entire collection online at the Library of Congress website.

(Found via Odee)

Double Takes: 110 Best Books

What are the makings of the perfect personal library? According to Telegraph, it’s the books on their 110 Best Books List. I like lists (especially ‘best of’ lists) and I like books, so clearly this is right up my ally. They categorize the books according to the following: classics, peotry, literary fiction, romantic fiction, children’s books, sci-fi, crime, books that changed the world, books that changed Your World, history, and lives. I would love to make my way through this list, top-to-bottom, or really any ‘best of’ literary list. Oh if I only have endless amounts of free time.

(Found via Gawker)


Double Takes: Converse and Product (RED)

I own several pairs of Converse shoes. They are hands down not only my favorite shoes but the most comfortable I own as well. Case in point: my profile picture. According to Rico over at the Laced Magazine blog:

“Converse is getting with 100 artists to remix the classic Chucks to celebrate the century mark of the brand and to support Product (RED). Dr. Romanelli is best known for his work remixing vintage gear, so who better to rework the Chuck Taylor?

Dr. R laser etched the simple silhouette in the shape of bandages to represent a ‘fix for positive change.’ Converse is taking the entire year to celebrate the brand’s 100th year anniversary. Look for the Romanelli joints February 10th for $100.”

I can’t say I’d actually want to own these BandAid Chucks, but I have to admit they’re pretty unique.

(Found via Laced Magazine)