double takes: Yakkay Stylish Helmets

Copenhagen-based Yakkay has created a product for the fashion-conscious cyclists out there who’d rather not trade style for safety. There bicycle helmets come with interchangeable covers that look remarkably like fashionable hats. Now if they could only find a way to prevent helmet head. (Found via Springwise)

Double Takes: Love Anna James

A fitting name for her online portfolio; Love Anna James is the website of London artist Anna James and her work is nothing short of lovely. She converts “twentieth century furniture into unique pieces of contemporary art.” The items are fully restored and incredibly creative.

Double Takes: Top 5 Unconventional Urban Graffiti Executions

There’s been a lot of buzz the past week about ephemeral art. The Cans Festival just concluded in London, where local street artists were encouraged to come out and stencil in designated areas around the city. Similarly, Brain Pickings just compiled a list of the Top 5 Unconventional Urban Graffiti Executions. I liked what they …

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