Double Takes: Hendekagram: qed* Design

I’ve always thought it’d be cool to have an old fashion gramophone, even if just for looks. So naturally, I was pretty stoked when I saw the Hendekagram on Polkadoit. While it’s not a gramophone, the horns have a certain resemblance to one. They serve as headphone extensions and attach to various mp3 players. The shape amplifies the volume from the earphones enough to be heard in a small room setting. Pretty cool concept and awesome execution in terms of design.

Double Takes: Arlo Weiner has Mad Style

When it comes to sartorial vocabulary, I’d argue that most 2nd grade boys don’t know much beyond the words pants, socks, and shirt. However, Arlo Weiner is not your average pre-pubescent. His father is Matt Weiner, also known as the creator of the tv series Mad Men. Sarah Goldstein of GQ writes, “Arlo Weiner has been creating his own style since the age of three—when he asked his parents for a top hat. Soon he’d moved on to striped bow ties, crushed velvet jackets, madras pants, and ascots (yeah, he knows what an ascot is).”

You can read more about Arlo and his impeccable fashion sense in his feature at GQ called Mad Boy, and be sure to check out his fashion (slide)show on the site as well.

Double Takes: Rat Photography: Jessica Florence

Meet Bug, the cutest rat on the face of the earth. He’s the pet of photographer Jessica Florence. She’s an aspiring fashion photographer who practices her craft on Bug, who apparently is a cooperative subject. The Daily Mail has an adorable story of the two titled On the Rat-Walk and you can view Jessica’s flickr page for more heart-melting examples of her talent.

(Found via Neatorama and all photos by Jessica Florence)

Double Takes: Frank Lloyd Wright Furniture

Having grown up in the Chicago suburbs I’ve seen, at least from the exterior, several Frank Lloyd Wright homes. It goes without saying that his impact in architecture is measureless. I was quite excited when I read that Copeland Furniture has been commissioned by the Wright Foundation to reproduce many of his original furniture designs. I’d find it hard to find a home, of any style, that his timeless designs would not compliment.

(Found via Furniture Fashion)