Double Takes: Arlo Weiner has Mad Style When it comes to sartorial vocabulary, I’d argue that most 2nd grade boys don’t know much beyond the words pants, socks, and shirt. However, Arlo Weiner is not your average pre-pubescent. His father is Matt Weiner, also known as the creator of the tv series Mad Men. Sarah Goldstein of GQ writes, “Arlo Weiner has …

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Double Takes: Wave Stool: Viva Terra

I love the simplicity and versatility of the Wave Stool by Viva Terra. It’s unique enough to stand alone as a stool, but I like the way it’s pictures holding a few books. Maybe it could be my new magazine rack? Either way, it’s lovely. (Found via Furniture Fashion)

Double Takes: Pants Optional: Kasey McMahon

Pants Optional is a set of cards by conceptual artist Kasey McMahon, one of the three ladies behind Psycho Girlfriend. The set contains wonderful illustrations and ridiculously hilarious fashion statements. I literally can’t get enough of them! (Found via Free People Clothing)