Double Takes: REK Bookshelf

In my opinion, there is nothing sadder than an empty bookcase (ok, I can think of a few things sadder). I’ve nearly filled all my current shelf space and taken to stacking books about the house in various piles in random locations until I have enough to fill at least half a new bookcase. The REK by Reinier de Jong is the perfect solution to such a predicament. “Book shelves rarely adapt to your collection of books and periodicals but here is one that does.” The shelf is adjustable and provides compartments for all book sizes to insure that it always appears full. When you get more books, you just expend it. One word, Brilliant!

(Found via Furniture Fashion)

Double Takes: The CitySlipper by SWIMS

Little beats an item that is both fashionable and practical. The CitySlipper by SWIMS is an example of that. The rubber galoshes are flexible and fit over most high heels while they provide traction for slippery surfaces. How about this added bonus? The sole of each product is imprinted with a map of either New York, Paris or Tokoyo.

(Found via Electro^Plankton)

double takes: Yakkay Stylish Helmets

Copenhagen-based Yakkay has created a product for the fashion-conscious cyclists out there who’d rather not trade style for safety. There bicycle helmets come with interchangeable covers that look remarkably like fashionable hats. Now if they could only find a way to prevent helmet head.

(Found via Springwise)

Double Takes: Metal Artist: Steve Cambronne

I love the work of metal artist Steve Cambronne who has been perfecting his craft for the past 20 years. While he started in women’s jewerly design, years on the road traveling from one art show to the next has found him designing retro inspired clocks, shelves, and novelty art to name a few. I love the throw back to 1950’s and 60’s shapes and color.

(Found via Furniture Fashion)