Double Takes: OVER THE WEEK(END)

Happy New Year. I’m back from Japan land. Of all the countries I’ve visited, I found Japan to be one of the most enchanting. The food was amazing. I ate plates and plates of sushi to my heart’s content. The people were unbelievably kind, courteous and downright delightful. The palaces, temples and shrines were captivating. Long story short, I would love to go back. Who’s coming with me?

Double Takes: Over the Weekend

While I love to cook, I don’t necessarily love cooking in Korea. It has presented many culinary conundrums. Mainly, those challenges relate to ingredients not available in this neck of the world and a kitchen without an oven. It didn’t take me long after moving here to learn that I can’t cook like an American in Korea (easily), so best to learn to cook like a Korean. After two years of self-education, I spent the weekend finally getting formally educated in the ways of Korean cooking. I enjoyed a wonderful lesson from the chefs at On’go Food in Seoul and learned to make Andong jjimdak (A boiled chicken dish) and kkadoogi (radish kimchi).

Double Takes: Blind Dinner Date: Dans Le Noir

Patrons at Dans Le Noir get a dining experience that gives new meaning to the concept of blind dating. The restaurant’s main dining room is pitch black. Food is ordered before entering the room in the lit bar and lounge area and served after parties are seated.

Dans Le Noir builds off the idea that when one sense is removed or impaired others strengthen, inevitably enhancing the eating experience. One of the coolest aspects of the establishment is that the entire waitstaff is blind. Their website explains that the visually disabled are more comfortable in the dark and in turn, the entire dining experience strives to bring awareness to visually disability.

I’m curious, has anyone been to either the Paris or London location? I’d love to hear what it was like.

(Found via blog.FABRICA)

Double Takes: Jim Denevan

After commenting on a previous post, I was lucky enough to stumble upon Sarah Von’s blog Secret Society of List Addicts. A blog theme true to my heart. Her recent post Famous People I’d Like to Invite to a BBQ really got me thinking about who’d be on my invite list. Woody Allen and Pen√©lope Cruz were no brainers for me and after reading about Jim Denevan I can now add him to the list as well.

Artist and chef, Denevan leaves me nothing short of impressed. His art primarily consists of giant sand designs which evoke images of crop circles. Simple yet astounding, he creates his designs from twigs and branches that have washed up on the shore. A single sand installation can take up to seven hours and find him walking some 30 miles before its completion.

Denevan is also the mastermind behind Outstanding in the Field, “a world-wide moveable feast” and “seasonal open-air investigation into the quality and meaning of place.” His talent and his feasts travel, “bringing together local farmers and food artisans,chefs and winemakers” all in an effort to “explore the connection between the earth and the food on your plate.” Sign me up! Rather than inviting Jim Denevan to my BBQ, I think I’d rather attend his.

Double Takes: Delicious Flickr Set: Fruits and Vegetables

I finally got around to grocery shopping today. It’s something I don’t do nearly enough. As much as I love fresh food to cook with, I ride my bike to a little market in town that sells all local and organic products and sadly it’s a little more tedious than my schedule permits. Flickr user Anjen’s delicious set of photos called Fruits and Vegetables features some amazing shots of single layer produce. Let the mouth watering begin!

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Double Takes: Darcel

“The dizzying highs and brutal lows of a Whole Foods shopping experience

Fell in love with a blog and had to share. Darcel is witty, sarcastic, hilarious and so many other good things. Love everything about his posts. Enjoy.