Double Takes: Jorma’s Pinned Map: Sit and Read

I was completely in awe when I saw this vintage National Geographic Magazine map. The folks over at Sit and Read picked up this gem at an estate sale. The map belonged to Jorma Hyypia and chronicled his travels around the United States between 1947-1968 with color-coded pins. The man’s travels are surely inspirational.

(found via unruly.things / images via sit and read)

Double Takes: Nautical and Map Pillows: Salt Labs

My mom is in the midst of redecorating several rooms of her house and I, on the opposite side of the world, have been trying to help. From picture frames to pillows, I’ve lent my hand via e-mailed opinions and shared links of inspiration. During one of my searches, I stumbled upon designer Robbi Lindeman’s site

Salt Labs. I’m absolutely taken by her map and nautical print pillows. Be sure to check out her recent guest post over at Poppytalk, in which she gives a fabulous tutorial on how to make globe garland.

double takes: Early Bird Gets the Worm

By no stretch of the definition can I truthfully claim to be an early bird. I do my best work post-sunset and and can count the number of sunrises I’ve seen on one and a half hands. It’s something I’m working on. This lovely printed letterpress card from St Jude’s just might be the inspiration I need, that and a strong coffee.

(Found via All Things Considered)

double takes: Interior Inspiration Overload

I’m having interior inspiration overload today. Please Sir has a truly awesome post called A Sense of Place that features the interiors of some famous Southern literary figures like Flannery O’Connor and William Faulkner. Feast your eyes my friends!

Also, the above picture from the studios of Mike Perry and Anna Wolf had me daydreaming about creating a similar (and much needed) magazine rack in my home. I’m an organization nut and my first thought after seeing this part of their studio was how much potential I’d have for categorizing, alphabetizing and chronicling. Oh, and those block letters…I just love them!

(Found via Design*Sponge)

Double Takes: Yes, Pecan!

For the entire month of January Ben & Jerry’s ice cream is offering a special flavor called Yes, Pecan! in their scoop shops. “An inspirational blend! Amber waves of buttery ice cream with roasted non-partisan pecans.” Sounds delicious, no? Also, proceeds from Yes, Pecan! are being donated to the Common Cause Educational Fund. Anyone tried this yet?

Double Takes: More Interior Inspiration

Once again, there is just too much good stuff out there to post about, at least with out bombarding your RSS reader with my blog. The following links round up some more Too good to pass up Interior inspired posts:

  • Eco-living straight out of The Shire
  • Hitting the gym: a 7,000 square-foot gym becomes a 5-bedroom apartment
  • Tokyo’s Reversible Destiny Lofts take a page from a Dr. Seuss book
  • Please Sir rounds up some truly inspiring interiors
  • The Madonna Inn: tacky is as travel does