double takes: Walking Men 99: Maya Barka

Walking Men 99 is a fabulously conceived art installation and collaborative project headed by Maya Barka. In the artist’s own words:

The subject of this project started with one of New York City’s most familiar street icons, one that repeatedly appears in the pedestrian traffic light we meet every day. As one of NYC’s most recognizable figures, the ‘walking man’ is also an international celebrity, a graphic sign that transcends all languages and places, and appears in various forms around the world as an integral part of our urban landscape.

Double Takes: Lovely Rita Bookshelf: Ron Arad

Our local library had a huge book sale this weekend, so naturally I spent a large chunk of my Saturday skimming the titles up for grabs. I walked away with about 15 books, ranging from the American Sign Language dictionary to a T.S. Elliot anthology. With that being said, I would really like the Lovely Rita bookshelf by Ron Arad to store my new editions on.

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Double Takes: Alphabet Truck: Eric Tabuchi

Eric Tabuchi Sent me an email about his book titled Alphabet Truck. According to the publisher’s description, Eric ”

Completes a work representing several thousands of kilometers traversed over these past four years.” They go on to say, “Through language (Alphabet) and displacement (Trucks), Alphabet Truck therefore questions, beyond its formal aspects and references, the notions of membership, identity and coeducation.” On a simpler level, it’s like a photographic documentation of the car games I used to play on family vacations. Thanks Eric!

Double Takes: Animals: Tim Flach

The animal photography of Tim Flach is like nothing I’ve seen. Not that I’m an expert on animal photography. His animal subjects are photographed up close and under meticulous lighting, capturing them in very human-like poses and having very human-like body language. His portfolio is amazing and absolutely work a look.

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