Double Takes: Uncommon Ideals Takes You on a Video Tour Around the North Sea

Chris McClean and Mark Waters’ Uncommon Ideals is an award-winning short film featuring scenes and stories from the North Sea. “From the fjords to the lochs, from brown to blue,” says their Vimeo page. “Surfing’s sepia dipped North Sea tales foretold.” The video is set to the music of UNKLE and narrated by the poem Uncommon Ideals by Daniel Crockett and read by Jeff Hordley.

Double Takes: Mass Games: Werner Kranwetvogel

The Mass Games, or Arirang Festival, is a yearly spectacle held in North Korea. Tens of thousands of participants perform synchronized acrobatics, backdrops (human billboard painting) and music. While the entire event is said to be astonishing, the human billboard performance is perhaps the most impressive. Thousands of schoolchildren depict different scenes by flipping through a book of colored pages. Werner Kranwetvogel’s photo series of the 2005 games are absolutely awe-inspiring.

(found via design boom / photographs by Werner Kranwetvogel)

Double Takes: Ballerina Project: Dane Shitagi

The Ballerina Project, by photographer Dane Shitagi, is the work of 10 years and countless professional ballerinas. In the photographer’s own words, the “Ballerina Project is not ‘dance photography’ but an etching of a ballerinas heart and emotions.” Indeed it is, as well as an incredibly elegant, street-level look at New York City with some of the most graceful models.

(found via See Hear Say / photos by Dane Shitagi)

double takes: Americano: 10cm

I have a love/hate relationship with most Korean music I hear.

Americano by the Korean indie band 10cm is one exception, however. I first heard the song not long after moving to Korea a year ago. Every time I come back to it I love it a little bit more.

Double Takes: Name Tagging: Martha Cooper

Ever the fan of ephemeral art, I definitely jumped when first hearing about Martha Cooper’s latest book Name Tagging. Famous for her graffiti photography, Cooper documents various tags scribed on “Hello My Name Is” stickers in the book, along with an array or interviews.

(Found via Wooster Collective)

double takes: Athens Soundies: Drakkar Sauna

I don’t often share music here on

Double takes, but when I do I try to make it count. I’ve been meaning to post this Drakkar Sauna video since Brian showed it to me months ago. It’s from Athens Soundies, a truly awesome series of “one take, low-fi, live sound music videos.” The Lawrence, Kansas duo comprised of Wallace Cochran and Jeff Stolz have rocked my world for a few years now. Their sound and personal style is enchanting. Happy Monday and enjoy.