Double Takes: Immersion: Robbie Cooper

Robbie Cooper’s photography series Immersion showcases portraits of children playing computer games. What makes the series especially interesting is the viewpoint of each image. Cooper shot his subjects square in the eye. I find these photographs both touching and a little heartbreaking.

(Found via FFF)

Double Takes: Blind Photography

I am completely and utterly intrigued by the California Museum of Photography’s current exhibition, Sight Unseen. Showcasing the work of twelve highly regarded blind photographers,

Sight Unseen is one of the most inspiring exhibits I’ve read about. “It is the first major museum exhibition on a rich subject full of paradox and revelation.” Their website features a gallery of images from the exhibit, which runs through August 29th. You can also read more about it on NPR.

(Photographs by Evgen Bavcar and

Gerardo Nigenda)

Double Takes: Dolce Heavenly Concert

When I first read about the Dolce Heavenly Concert, I pretty much had one word come to mind, perfect! Haagen Dazs hosted a private concert in Tokyo for 100 lucky couples. The night featured prominent classical musicians, big comfy beds for sitting in during the show and unlimited ice cream. Like I said…..perfect!

(Found via Imprint TALK)

double takes: Creative Vinyl Packaging: The Journal Of Popular Noise

Hello Bauldoff featured a really incredible take on the record sleeve. The The Journal Of Popular Noise, which is a “semi-annual audio magazine inspired by the traditions of pop music, printed periodicals, and the delight of a finely crafted artifact,” created this Folding letterpress poster sleeve to distribute their product in. The folding allows for optimum space to feature information about the issue and its contents.

double takes: When I Am Big: Emilie Fjola Sandy and Kamilla Weinhardt

I am really loving the nostalgic tone of Emilie Fjola Sandy and Kamilla Weinhardt’s recent photography project. It’s call When I am Big, and as the title denotes, the two photograph adults dressed up as what they aspired to be when they were children. Sandy is the actual photographer and Weinhardt does the art directing and styling. The whole thing is fabulous! What did/do you want to be when you’re older? When I was a child I aspired to be a maid…seriously. I still love organizing and find cleaning therapeutic today.

(Found via vi-R-us and photos by Emilie Fjola Sandy)

Double Takes: Rat Photography: Jessica Florence

Meet Bug, the cutest rat on the face of the earth. He’s the pet of photographer Jessica Florence. She’s an aspiring fashion photographer who practices her craft on Bug, who apparently is a cooperative subject. The Daily Mail has an adorable story of the two titled On the Rat-Walk and you can view Jessica’s flickr page for more heart-melting examples of her talent.

(Found via Neatorama and all photos by Jessica Florence)