double takes: Music Genre Posters: Edit

Edit, a “NYC/ London based creative technologist, designer and art director” curated a poster series, in which various designers created a poster representing a single music genre using a single shape/single type face. The end result is simply incredible. (found via Fubiz)

Double Takes: Name Tagging: Martha Cooper

Ever the fan of ephemeral art, I definitely jumped when first hearing about Martha Cooper’s latest book Name Tagging. Famous for her graffiti photography, Cooper documents various tags scribed on “Hello My Name Is” stickers in the book, along with an array or interviews. (Found via Wooster Collective)

double takes: Confections: Amy Stevens

The artwork of Amy Steven’s is equal parts color-explosion and edible-loveliness. Her photography showcases vibrant and detailed confections with textile backdrops. I bet these are as delicious to look as they’d be to eat. (Found via Fly)

Double Takes: Josef Hoflehner Photography

Josef Hoflehner needs no introduction and his work requires little explanation. An incredible (award-winning) nature and geographical photographer, his portfolio and collection of publications beautifully chronicle every nook and cranny of the world I wish to visit. (images via Josef Hoflehner)