Photo Series Captures the Badlands Looking Very Good

Good Badlands by photographer Guy Tal captures the national park as it bursts into bloom, a rare occurrence.

“To a casual visitor, it is a sun baked wasteland of lifeless grey earth, caked and cracked and carved by rare floods. To the patient observer, however, there is great beauty here, delicate and subtle, but it does not reveal itself easily. You have to want to see it, and be willing to work hard for it. On rare years, wildflowers burst into stunning display of color, transforming the desert into a veritable garden for just few precious days; miss it and you may never get another chance.”

You can view all of Tal’s stunning photographers in the series on his website.

Via: Colossal

5 Minutes, 8 Countries and the Stuff Travel Dreams are Made Of

Christian Grewe traveled to eight countries and dwindled the footage from his adventures into Travel Love. The spectacular 5-minute video takes you through Chile, Bolivia, Peru, Uruguay, Argentina, Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand. Grewe‘s colorful images are truly the stuff travel dreams are made of.

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Gaston-Louis Vuitton, grandson of Louis Vuitton, aquired some 3,000 hotel labels in his years of travel. Today, a portion of his private collection of vintage labels are available as reproduced postcards in the Postcard Box: 30 Postcards Hotel Labels. The set is a companion to the Louis Vuitton: 100 Legendary Trunks book, which features over 800 photographs of iconic Louis Vuitton trunks. Both items serve as an elegant homage to an era of travel now in the past.
I don’t suspect I’ll ever be able to afford anything with the brand’s famous monogram on it, but these two items are more my style and price range anyway.

(found via Nicole is the New Black / images via Louis Vuitton)