Double Takes: World of Words Globe: Ron Miriello

Ron Miriello loves globes. Recently, he’s taken to making his own instead of shelling out money on expensive collector globes.

“I’ve always been into globes, particularly old ones and odd ones. I’m not completely sure why. Probably because of their flawless shape, their utility and because of what they stand for. I like the idea of traveling to those unpronounceable places you saw as a kid, and still can’t pronounce as a grown-up.”

One piece in his series of globes is titled World of Words. Combining two of my favorite things, globes and books, his creation is visually and conceptually awesome.

(Photo by Ken West)

Double Takes: Flight Attendant Fashionistas: WHORANGE

The always lovely WHORANGE recently did an awesome round up of flight attendant fashion called Winged Wonders: Flight Attendant Fashionistas. No matter how much I love to travel, flight attendant is one job I’ve never once in my life considered. I’m scared to death of flying, and while I do it frequently enough, it’s a job that would surely have my hair turning grey before I turn 30.

Double Takes: Fixed Fridays

I have quite an affinity for traveling, but let’s be honest don’t we all? Many of the goals on my “things to do before I die” list are travel related. One such goal is to road trip the entirety of Route 66 in an old Airsteam trailer. So many places to see! This week’s Fixed Fridays theme is Geography.

(Photo via Bliss by kparrish)


Double Takes: 8 Busiest International Airports and Lounges at Night

Near the end of my stint backpacking Europe this past summer, after countless hostels and random couches, Brian and I spent a cold and uncomfortable evening sleeping on the floor of Stansted Airport in London. Much to our surprise, we had a hard time finding enough square floor-footage to call our own for the evening. We realized that making the airport your home away from home was not uncommon among travelers. WebUrbanist recently did a post on the 8 Busiest International Airports and Lounges at Night, a cool glimps into airports after hours, if there even is such a thing as Airport after-hours.

Double Takes: More Interior Inspiration

Once again, there is just too much good stuff out there to post about, at least with out bombarding your RSS reader with my blog. The following links round up some more Too good to pass up Interior inspired posts:

  • Eco-living straight out of The Shire
  • Hitting the gym: a 7,000 square-foot gym becomes a 5-bedroom apartment
  • Tokyo’s Reversible Destiny Lofts take a page from a Dr. Seuss book
  • Please Sir rounds up some truly inspiring interiors
  • The Madonna Inn: tacky is as travel does


Double Takes: Jim Denevan

After commenting on a previous post, I was lucky enough to stumble upon Sarah Von’s blog Secret Society of List Addicts. A blog theme true to my heart. Her recent post Famous People I’d Like to Invite to a BBQ really got me thinking about who’d be on my invite list. Woody Allen and Penélope Cruz were no brainers for me and after reading about Jim Denevan I can now add him to the list as well.

Artist and chef, Denevan leaves me nothing short of impressed. His art primarily consists of giant sand designs which evoke images of crop circles. Simple yet astounding, he creates his designs from twigs and branches that have washed up on the shore. A single sand installation can take up to seven hours and find him walking some 30 miles before its completion.

Denevan is also the mastermind behind Outstanding in the Field, “a world-wide moveable feast” and “seasonal open-air investigation into the quality and meaning of place.” His talent and his feasts travel, “bringing together local farmers and food artisans,chefs and winemakers” all in an effort to “explore the connection between the earth and the food on your plate.” Sign me up! Rather than inviting Jim Denevan to my BBQ, I think I’d rather attend his.

Double Takes: Birthday Wishes!

It’s my Baby Sister’s birthday. The little redhead who used to suck on the fringe of a handmade knit blanket and go by the nickname Gubberdoo turns 17 today!

I think both my mother and father would agree that she’s growing up way too fast.

She’s an impressive speaker of French, aspiring neurosurgeon who has been studying for her MCATS and practicing sutures since she was 15 and a world traveler who spent her summer bopping around Europe and will be heading to Sierra Leone

This spring to volunteer her time on a service trip. I love you Karen and I’m so proud to be your admiring big sister. Happy Birthday!

(Image by Klas Fahlen via Design For Mankind)

Double Takes: Map Collage: Shannon Rankin

Etsy artist Selflesh aka Shannon Rankin has created some amazing map collages. In her own words:

“In search of connections among geography, anatomy and botany, I combine the visual elements of maps, anatomical illustrations and natural forms to explore themes of travel, healing and time.”

As an aspiring travel writer and map collector, I’m finding these pieces hard to pass up. Check out her Etsy page and blog for more examples of herwork.

(Found via Roadside Scholar)

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