Double Takes: New Travel-Inspired Collection from Coral & Tusk

The fine folks at the Brooklyn-based Coral & Tusk have a new travel-inspired collection of products. Owned by designer and illustrator Stephanie Housley, the shop has been making embroidered goods since 2007. The Adventure Collection features pillows, passport cases, luggage tags and more. “Inspired by the boats that bob along the Seine and the hot air balloons that dot the air above the ancient city of Cappadocia, new characters Skipper Cat and Paco Dog invite you along with them on the rides of their lives!” View the whole whimsical collection on the Coral & Tusk website.


I love this

Wander print by Wesley Bird. It paraphrases one of my favorite travel quotes, “Not all those who wander are lost” by J. R. R. Tolkien from a poem in Lord of the Rings.
On that note, I’m off to Japan for the next week. I’ll be spending the holidays in Kyoto and Tokyo. Wishing everyone the very happiest of holidays. See you in the new year!

(found via Design Is Mine / image via Wesley Bird)


  Back in August, Wired Science through together an awesome photo gallery of 21 national parks as seen from space. Some of the images are bursting with color, others appear abstract and unrecognizable, while all of them are stunning. The beauty in these images makes me realize I need to visit more of the U.S. national parks.

(found via Wired Science / image via GeoEye and NASA)

Double Takes: Our Bride: Yll Çitaku

In Lubinë i Ulët, a small village in Kosovo, there is an old bridal tradition among the Terbesh people. Brides are adorned, painted and beautified on the day of their wedding to look like a doll and to protect from the evil eyes and gossip of onlookers. Yll Çitaku captured the process and end result in Nusja Jone – Our Bride for Kosovo 2.0 Magazine.

(found via Imprint / Images via Yll Çitaku)