Double Takes: WebUrbanist Does Banksy

Banksy, the infamous name of ephemeral art, is the latest topic over at WebUrbanist. In fact, they ran an 8-part series in honor of the man. Ever impressed and always a fan of Banksy, I couldn’t help but love what they’ve done.

Part I: Who is Banksy

Part II: Graffiti, Drawings and Stencils

Part III: Tattoos, Photos and Prints

Part IV: Sold and For Sale

Part V: Interviews, Films and Videos

Part VI: Quotes and Soundbites

Part VII: Books, Websites and Forums

Part VIII: Where to Find Bansky Around the World

Double Takes: The Pikasso Guitar: Linda Manzer

There’s no question where the inspiration for The Pikasso came from. Designer Linda Manzer created this double sound-hole, quadruple neck, and 42 string instrument back in 1984 afterCritically acclaimed jazz musician Pat Metheny asked her to design a guitar with “as many strings as possible.” She re-did the design in 1992 creating the Pikasso II, which has been on display at the Boston Museum of Fine Arts. Visit Nanzer’s website for video and sound samples of The Pikasso.

(Found via TrendHunter)

Double Takes: Eyeglass Creatures Video

This video of sea-like creatures created from various parts of eyeglasses is both eerie and beautiful. The project is a collaborative effort between Important Looking Pirates and Oscar Magnuson Spectacles. Click the image above to view the video and enjoy!

(Found via Motion0grapher)

Double Takes: Awareness Test

I was ‘almost’ hit by a truck while biking to work today. It happens more than it should. Then I saw this video and felt inclined to share. Enjoy.

I’ve been posting a lot about bike related topics lately (see here and here). It must be the weather!

(found via Miss Jane and One Floor Up)