A Day With the Animals at Chiang Mai Zoo

A Day With the Animals at Chiang Mai Zoo

Chiang Mai Zoo encompasses an expansive area and is divided into various zones, making it easiest to navigate via private tour, Sang Thaew or Tuk Tuk.

Once inside, it is wisest to pay an entrance fee of 500 Baht before venturing further through. At each zone entrance additional payments will need to be made separately.

Huaykaew Zone

Huaykaew Zone is a gorgeous area where visitors can observe exotic species like kangaroos, koalas and tiger cubs in an open environment filled with cages that allow animals plenty of room to roam freely while also decorated with beautiful tropical flowers. Furthermore, visitors can take a ride on the monorail to gain a unique perspective of this zoo.

Harold Mason Young was an American missionary who originally established this zoo at Doi Suthep Mountain’s foot in Northern Thailand in 1950 with 24 acres at first, later expanding it to 200. Now privately run and home to many species from around the globe.

Zoo Atlanta features many exciting animals such as Asian black bears, Malayan sun bears, red-shanked doucs and Indochinese tigers as its highlights. Additionally, this zoo offers reptiles and birds.

Lin Hui and Chuang Chuang, two giant panda cubs gifted from China by their government, make for a memorable attraction at any zoo. Watching them play and interact is truly captivating!

The Zoo is set among lush forest, making the open zoo an excellent opportunity for visitors to witness animals living in their natural environments. Also available is the botanical garden which allows guests to experience different tree species native to northern Thailand.

Chiang Mai Zoo boasts a gift shop featuring an extensive range of merchandise for purchase and a restaurant where visitors can dine. Situated just outside Chiang Mai City, visitors can reach it by taxi, private tour, Sang taew or by Sang taew – making a visit easy. You may wish to combine it with other attractions like Phrathat Doi Suthep, Bhubing Palace or Doi Pui Hmong Tribal Village to make a trip memorable and rewarding! Use GPSmyCity mobile app on your smartphone as your personal tour guide throughout Chiang Mai Zoo!

Suthep Zone

Thailand is a diverse blend of cultures and religions, offering travellers a range of experiences and sights to see. Though popularly associated with its beaches and natural surroundings, there is much more to experience here besides sunbathing on white sand beaches or taking advantage of mountain trekking opportunities or sampling delicious local cuisine – something is sure to excite all who visit!

Chiang Mai Zoo is an essential stop for animal enthusiasts, located at the foothills of Doi Suthep-Pui National Park at Chiang Mai’s foothills. As one of the first-of-its-kind zoos of its kind in Southeast Asia, this unique facility allows you to interact with exotic species that thrive there while enjoying various zones that focus on certain habitats that contain them.

Cage Area houses smaller animals in traditional zoo cages. Further down the trail lies Open Zoo – a 40-acre walled enclosure where animals roam free – while near by lies Aquarium Living Museum with South East Asia’s longest underwater tunnel that allows visitors to observe marine creatures up close while also learning more about them.

At the Exotic Animal Habitat, visitors can view everything from kangaroos and koalas to Komodo dragons and cassowaries – including endangered species like snow leopards and red pandas that are the focus of conservation efforts at the zoo.

As you walk along, Gibbon Island awaits, where you can witness many species of long-armed small apes swinging and playing among the trees. Next is Nakhornping Bird Park, an exquisite sanctuary that replicates the natural ecosystem and flora of Doi Suthep-Pui forest – making this park a delight for bird enthusiasts eager to witness over 70 different bird species from across the world!

As visiting Chiang Mai Zoo can be an extensive endeavor, it is wise to wear comfortable shoes and dress accordingly for the weather. While taking the tram may be easier, walking trails also exist for exploration at this unique attraction.

Doipui Zone

Chiang Mai Zoo’s fourth zone features its popular Nakhornping Bird Park. This expansive aviary recreates the rainforest ecosystem found at Doi Suthep-Pui National Park and attracts both local and foreign bird species alike. Monkeys also make an appearance here – visitors can marvel at their antics as they swing from branch to branch or observe from a distance while feeding them special food purchased at the zoo.

Elephants are another crowd favourite, offering many ways to interact with these stunning animals: riding one, taking photos with it or simply admiring it from a safe distance are just some of your options for engaging with these magnificent animals at the zoo. There are different species on display here – you could ride an elephant yourself, pose with it for photos or simply admire from afar – not forgetting all those beautiful tigers roaming their enclosure or resting beneath a shaded tree! There are both Bengal and Indochinese breeds of tigers at this attraction too – something no visitor should miss!

Reptiles are well represented at the zoo, featuring an assortment of lizards and snakes to explore. Tarantulas in particular are extremely popular – the zoo offers daily feedings of these fascinating insects!

A monorail runs through the zoo to make it easy for visitors to navigate its vast grounds and view all of its attractions. Since it can be an extensive journey to cover it all in one day, planning is crucial in order to maximize your visit and take in as much as possible.

Doi Suthep-Pui National Park is an easily accessible national park situated within easy reach of Bangkok, home to an abundance of wildlife in its lush forests. Hikers, mountain bikers, birdwatchers and picnickers frequent this mountain park; plus it provides an enjoyable respite from Bangkok’s humid heat during winter days! Its cooler temperatures and clear skies offer welcome respite.

Nakhornping Bird Park

Nakhornping Bird Park, situated at the heart of Chiang Mai, is one of Northern Thailand’s premier bird parks, housing native and exotic species from all around the globe. Special attractions at the park include an aviary walk-through feature and freshwater aquarium – two attractions unique to Chiang Mai that cater for an authentic experience for visitors. Animal enclosures designed to reflect natural environments provide comforting relief – helping foster health growth as well as creating a homey feeling; there are over 1500 animals and 200 different bird species housed here at Nakhornping!

The Chiang Mai Zoo is divided into eight zones that highlight different aspects of nature and its creatures, each featuring its own 3D setting created with unique three dimensional effects. These zones include Aqua zone, Zoo zone, Dinosaur zone, Surrealism zone Classic zone Thai zone Egyptian zone that will allow visitors to gain an insight into Chiang Mai history and culture.

Nature enthusiasts should visit Nakhornping Bird Park as soon as possible, to witness wild animals like Bengal tigers, rhinoceroses and elephants. Plus there’s plenty more wildlife available such as giraffes, zebras, antelopes and lamas!

At this zoo, visitors can take photos with its wild animals for some Instagram-worthy shots. Plus, take a tram ride around the entire zoo or join an organized safari trip, plus take in an evening laser light show!

Chiang Mai Zoo is one of the top things to do with kids, particularly younger ones, in Chiang Mai. Spend quality time together as a family while creating wonderful memories together – you could even purchase souvenirs to remind yourself of your trip!