A Guide to the Sticky Waterfall Near Chiang Mai

A Guide to the Sticky Waterfall Near Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai’s sticky waterfall is an impressive and hidden treasure – making it one of the must-do activities in town! While popular among local tourists, it remains uncrowded even during weekends!

The best way to visit is with a tour. Many tours include activities like visiting temples or exploring caves!

How to Get There

Bua Tong Waterfall can be found in a protected nature reserve north of Chiang Mai and is approximately 60 km away by car or bus. Riding motorbike may also be possible depending on your ability and whether or not your insurance covers you should anything go wrong during the journey.

To best explore this area, it is recommended to book a full day tour, which will include transport, entry to the waterfall and lunch at an elephant sanctuary visit. Plus you’ll have an experienced local guide as your tour leader who can answer any queries that arise while also making arrangements from your accommodation directly!

One quick Google search should reveal several tours to Chiang Mai’s Sticky Waterfall for you to select the one best suited to you. However, make sure that the tour provider you book with is reputable as scams are commonplace here! It is always better to be safe than sorry!

As early as 9am is ideal to reach the waterfall without too many crowds and avoid hotter afternoon temperatures when crowds begin accumulating at this popular attraction, we strongly suggest setting off from Chiang Mai by 9am for your visit.

As soon as you arrive at the waterfall site itself, finding it should be relatively straightforward. Simply follow the sign for Nam Phu Chet Si and head down a short boardwalk leading towards its edge – as you nearer, closer and closer you’ll notice that its rocks have been coated with mineral deposits giving this attraction its unique name!

If a guided tour or full day excursion aren’t for you, another alternative would be taking a taxi ride around Chiang Mai. Apps such as Bolt and Grab can help arrange taxi services in town but it’s also possible to stop any red songthaew driving around town and ask them to take you. Just be sure that all costs have been agreed upon beforehand and always leave extra for tipping!

What to Wear

Bua Tong Waterfall, also known as Sticky Waterfall, is an unmissable sight of nature that should not be missed while visiting Chiang Mai. Experience it independently or join one of their tours!

The Sticky Waterfall is an idyllic natural waterfall covered in sticky substances caused by mineral deposits on rocks. For maximum beauty and flow, visit during the rainy season (November-May), when stronger flows and thicker sticky substance create stronger currents of water flow and thicker stickiness on its rocks. However, May – October can also provide scenic backdrop for viewing this breathtaking site with calmer currents and vibrant plants flourishing all around.

There are various ways to reach Sticky Waterfall from Chiang Mai, but one of the easiest and least time-consuming is booking a tour. Tours provide transportation, lunch and hotel pickup so that you can focus on enjoying your adventure rather than organizing details yourself.

Tours to the Sticky Waterfall are available all across Chiang Mai through various travel agencies, with some packages including visits to Doi Suthep Mountain and an elephant sanctuary for an unforgettable day trip experience.

To reach the waterfall from the city centre, it will take around an hour by car and is an enjoyable drive through winding mountain roads. To maximize efficiency when renting a car we advise scheduling early morning pickup so as to beat traffic and arrive at the waterfall at a more suitable time.

Renting a motorbike and taking the journey yourself can be both thrilling and fun; just make sure that you have sufficient driving experience in Thailand as well as full bike insurance cover before embarking. Motorbike rental shops can be easily found across Chiang Mai or you can book them directly through your accommodation; for these trips we highly suggest bringing along a map as well as checking weather reports prior to leaving home!

Safety Tips

Bua Tong Waterfalls near Chiang Mai are known for their distinctive Sticky Waterfall, offering visitors an extraordinary natural experience that allows them to scale its walls via its sticky substrate, making for an impressive climb-able experience. This extraordinary natural phenomenon boasts one of the highest water flows known to exist.

Clinging to the rock faces and climbing up the waterfall are possible because their surface provides greater grip than slipperiness, so you’re better suited to gripping them and ascending safely. But do keep a few safety guidelines in mind: dress appropriately (while bikinis may work), closed-toe shoes and knee cover will ensure an unforgettable experience; additionally avoid dark green or brown sections of rocks as these tend to be more hazardous and slippery when climbing the waterfall.

Next, bring plenty of water. Even on dry days, sweat is inevitable when scaling slippery rocks and waterfalls; having a hydration pack with you will come in handy for rehydration as you climb higher. Finally, snack items should also be brought along; although food isn’t permitted within the waterfall area itself, you can purchase quick bites at nearby markets before heading uphill towards the falls.

Though you can visit Sticky Waterfall independently, joining a tour from your hotel in Chiang Mai will provide the smoothest visit. Doing this will save you from driving yourself or haggling with Songthaew drivers and allow you to experience this attraction at its full potential.

Though tours may cost more, they are worth their cost in terms of saving yourself the stress and hassle associated with traveling on your own. Furthermore, guided excursions ensure you maximize your experience by visiting the waterfall during its optimal hours of the day and weather conditions – such as this tour’s visit to Doi Suthep temple as well as transportation and a local guide who can be there every step of the way!


If you don’t plan to join a tour, getting from Chiang Mai to Sticky Waterfall shouldn’t be difficult at all. Just over an hour north from Chiang Mai is its location on safe roads which can accommodate motorbikes or cars for rental – or you could join one of several group tours available from your hotel.

One of the best ways to experience Chiang Mai and the sticky waterfall is on a full day tour that also visits temples, long tail boat rides, and cave exploration. This tour is ideal for travelers wanting to make the most out of their time in Chiang Mai by seeing as much as possible during their trip. You will start your adventure from your hotel with a visit to Golden Pagoda Wat Phrathat Doi Suthep before continuing onto Toyota Fortune where long tail boats will cross Mae Kuang reservoir to arrive at sticky waterfall.

Once at the park, there is a paved path leading directly to the waterfall entrance. Along this route are plenty of tables and chairs where visitors can rest before making their way down into the water. Once done at the waterfall, there is also a small restaurant offering food and drinks before returning back to parking area.

Finding a taxi ride to Sticky Waterfall from Chiang Mai shouldn’t be hard, though you’ll likely have to negotiate its price; it may prove more costly than using Tuk Tuks or Songthaews (large pick-up truck taxis). With some skillful negotiations and patience on your side, you should be able to secure one for around 1000 baht.

Bua Tong Sticky Waterfall-Chet Si Fountain National Park stands out as one of Thailand’s premier tourist spots due to its free entry fee, so visitors can spend an entire day swimming, climbing and relaxing without incurring an entry fee! Transportation expenses will likely still apply however!

Sticky Waterfall in Chiang Mai is an absolute must-see attraction! Not only is it an amazing natural phenomenon, but also provides an ideal escape from city life for a day trip – make sure that when visiting Chiang Mai you add this experience into your itinerary!