Kalare Night Bazaar: A Night of Shopping and Food in Chiang Mai

Kalare Night Bazaar: A Night of Shopping and Food in Chiang Mai

Kalare Night Bazaar in Chiang Mai offers vibrant entertainment, delectable cuisine, and unforgettable memories – make it part of your Chiang Mai experience today! Don’t miss it!

This expansive market provides shoppers with a diverse shopping experience, from bag shops and accessory stores to souvenir and clothing stands.

At the market’s entertainment scene, you will also be treated to an array of cultural performances and entertaining shows.


If you’re searching for souvenirs to bring home from Thailand, this night market offers an abundance of goodies. Find anything from fragrant spices for cooking Thai meals at home to Buddha statues and handmade wallets; but be wary not to purchase anything made from unethical materials like ivory or rare wood varieties.

Wanting to add some local culture into their souvenirs, the bazaar offers many cultural performances. Some can be found at Anusarn Market Theatre while others may take place at various stalls or bars around the market. Witnessing these cultural performances is an excellent way of learning more about Thailand’s fascinating heritage.

Kalare Night Bazaar offers more than cultural and entertainment offerings; food lovers will also appreciate its culinary treats! The market’s food court boasts everything from sizzling street food to delectable restaurant fare and refreshing beverages; don’t miss the famous scorpions on sticks (100 Baht per piece!). Don’t forget about sampling some of the region’s most beloved dishes such as fish in sauce (also available).

The bazaar is also an oasis for vegan travelers, offering numerous stands selling both sweet and savory vegan fare like mango sticky rice, roti, and fresh fruit smoothies – some even being served up at one of its famed restaurants in the market!

Shop local products like silk and other textiles; find clothing and accessories for women and men of various styles and colors; as well as jewelry and handicrafts in some stores run by entrepreneurs in the area, like unique items you won’t find elsewhere in the city.

Kalare Night Bazaar provides fun and lively entertainment with live music and dance performances that attract large crowds. Make sure to plan in advance if you wish to experience any of them!


Kalare Night Bazaar offers an amazing variety of items to shop from, making the experience both exciting and fulfilling. Ranging from handcrafted jewelry and vibrant textiles to affordable knock-off designer brands, there is truly something here for everyone at all price points.

Food scenes here are tantalizingly alluring; the central food court offers an exciting culinary journey through multiple cuisines from across Thailand and beyond. Vendors provide tokens you can redeem against delicious Thai and international favorites.

Live entertainment adds another exciting layer to a night market’s overall atmosphere. Dazzling performances and captivating music serve to entertain as well as inform visitors on Chiang Mai’s vibrant culture.

Kalare Night Bazaar makes the experience all the more magical with its spectacular array of sparkling lights and vibrant hues, creating an enchanted setting perfect for creating lasting memories while visiting old Town. A visit here should definitely be on everyone’s bucket list!

Notable in any marketplace is that quality can vary significantly. There may be numerous high-quality, unique items for sale; however, counterfeit merchandise abounds as well; therefore it is wise for visitors to practice discernment when shopping at bazaars and only purchase from reliable vendors.

Although the bazaar is open all weekdays, it becomes most lively on Saturday evenings when local expats converge for shopping and dining in an engaging atmosphere. You’ll find clothing stalls, bag outlets, accessories and tasty street food to satisfy your hunger – souvenirs are also readily available at Kao Kab Kang (curry with rice), where their world-famous red curry and roti canai (flatbread) come with various spice levels for even more variety – it truly makes the drive worth while!


Kalare Night Bazaar offers more than just shopping and culinary treats: it is also an exciting hub of entertainment and vibrant nightlife, fueled by live music performances and cultural shows that give visitors an inside glimpse of Thailand’s rich heritage.

Kalare Night Bazaar offers visitors many activities to keep them occupied throughout their visit, but among the most popular ones is shopping through the many clothing and textile stalls. You are sure to find something perfect whether it be casual t-shirt shopping or formal sarong shopping here – not forgetting bags, accessories, and small gifts which would make great souvenirs or presents!

At the center of every market is a food court that’s an absolute culinary treat. Vendors offer tokens for Thai and international dishes that will satisfy even the pickiest eaters – don’t miss the succulent, tender texture and delightful flavor combinations of grilled squid skewers; sure to satisfy seafood lovers everywhere!

Visitors to Thailand can also take a break from shopping and dining to watch traditional Thai dance and musical performances, which will mesmerize you with stunning acrobatics and intricate musical nuances while giving them insight into the nation’s rich cultural and traditional heritage.

Kalare Night Bazaar offers more than live entertainment and cultural showcases; there are also multiple bars and clubs that serve drinks and dance music – most notably Boy Blues Bar where you can participate in karaoke nights or dance to top hits from past and present!

At Pavilion Night Market, shoppers will find something similar to Chiang Mai Night Bazaar but with less people. Here you’ll find clothing stalls, bag outlets, accessories and souvenir stalls, plus an outdoor food court with seating areas. In addition, Muay Thai boxing events draw spectators from throughout the city and you may be lucky enough to spot local artisans selling handmade goods; making this market an excellent way for locals to shop while avoiding tourist trinkets!


Visits to Kalare Night Bazaar provide more than just shopping and food; they provide a complete cultural immersion. Haggling blends seamlessly with the lively energy of crowd, and cultural performances offer insights into Thailand’s rich heritage.

A variety of shops and stalls offers tourists a treasure trove of handicrafts, clothing, jewelry and other goods. Many stalls feature English speaking vendors making communication easier when purchasing items. Furthermore, some stalls also provide entertainment such as traditional Thai dance performances or live music performances.

At Kalare Night Bazaar, you’ll find delectable culinary offerings aplenty – everything from Thai street food to Western dishes can be found. Additionally, refreshing beverages help quench thirst while musical talent can be indulged at one of several karaoke bars such as Boy Blues Bar in this market.

Kalare Night Bazaar offers more than stores and stalls; visitors can also experience captivating entertainment options such as Thai boxing or attending a tum tum concert, along with engaging in activities such as drumming jam sessions or participating in karaoke nights.

Kalare Night Bazaar offers an unforgettable shopping experience to both locals and tourists. Stalls and shops sell high-quality goods at reasonable prices while supporting the local economy while offering valuable cultural experiences.

Kalare Night Bazaar can be found along Chang Klan Road in Chiang Mai’s Old Town and is easily accessible by foot or tuk-tuk ride. Open from 4 pm until midnight, its best time for visiting is after dark when its lights truly illuminate and its atmosphere becomes lively – this market will become one of your cherished memories from your stay in Chiang Mai!