Loy Krathong Festival in Chiang Mai

Loy Krathong Festival in Chiang Mai

Loy Krathong is observed annually alongside Yi Peng by people releasing lanterns into the night sky as a beautiful display, showing appreciation for rains as well as forgiving one another and letting go of bad habits or grudges.

Ping River provides ideal viewing spots, particularly between Nawarat Bridge and Iron Bridge. Temples also host stunning lantern displays.

Floating Krathongs

A Krathong is an exquisite symbol of gratitude to the Goddess of Water and represents an act of devotion and renewal. People believe it helps wash away bad luck and bring new beginnings. People also add nail clippings, hair or coins for extra good luck when placing their Krathong on rivers, moats or riverbanks at night to watch its journey towards its journey’s end. It truly makes an amazing sight!

At this festival, it’s also an ideal opportunity to make wishes for the year ahead. The center of town becomes illuminated with lanterns during this festival and creates a truly magical ambiance; some of the best spots are Three Kings Monument or anywhere along Ping River between Nawarat Bridge and Iron Bridge.

People around the world will celebrate Loy Krathong by floating krathongs (Yi Peng). However, another way of marking this celebration can be achieved: sky lantern releases (Yi Peng). Sky lanterns can be launched into the air instead of floated onto water surfaces like traditional krathongs do.

Chiang Mai hosts numerous public events throughout the year at its Three Kings Monument and other locations along Ping River, such as beauty contests, krathong making workshops, food stalls, cultural exhibitions and live performances.

Hotels and restaurants often host private events to enjoy this festival without worrying about massive crowds; such events offer dinner and mass lantern releases that provide a more intimate experience for attendees.

As with releasing any krathong, it is crucial that it is done with an attitude of reverence for water spirits and with smiles on your face. Showing anger or aggression when releasing it would be considered rude and disrespectful; additionally it is crucial that any released krathong does not endanger wildlife or people nearby; there are special areas designated specifically for them with signs showing where you should place them.

Yi Peng

Loy Krathong brings magic and splendor to Chiang Mai as thousands of lanterns are released during Loy Krathong, lighting up the night sky like never before. Also known as Yi Peng, this event commemorates the full moon of November lunar month and celebrated both in northern Thailand as well as other countries where Thai culture plays an influential role such as Laos and Myanmar.

Tradition dictates that the celebration involves floating a small lotus-shaped boat (krathong) on a river, moat or stream as an offering to Buddha and to express gratitude for his blessings while at the same time release old habits, grudges and anger from last year to make a new start in 2019. A krathong may contain candles, flowers and incense as well as personal items like locks of hair or nail clippings from its owner – it’s a wonderful ceremony widely celebrated as one of Thailand’s main holidays!

More recently, sky lantern release events have become a key part of festivities, leading to paid events hosted by private companies and designed specifically to add even more magic and make this experience truly magical. While not traditional to this festival experience, sky lantern releases add an additional special dimension and add even greater magic to it all!

Festival time is also an ideal opportunity to visit temples, as many will be decorated with lanterns and open for visitors. Local artists will perform numerous performances – most notably a parade that travels along Thapae road from east and south side of city moat all the way to railway station with crowds gathering along Ping River to witness it all!

At nightfall, family groups will head down to a river, moat or pond and launch their krathongs, lighting candles and incense sticks as their floating creations drift into darkness – an experience which will remain in everyone’s hearts forever.


Loy Krathong’s most breathtaking aspect is watching thousands of handcrafted lanterns floating through the skies on Loy Krathong night – an impressive spectacle made up of many handmade, intricate lanterns made by craftspeople themselves and released. A popular place to witness this is along the Ping River near Nawarat bridge and historical moat; alternatively you could visit Wat Chedi Luang or Wat Phan Tao temples for more spiritual experiences!

The floating krathongs are an offering to Mae Phra Khongkha, Goddess of Water. Through this ritual we honor her and ask forgiveness for any wrongdoing done against nature and waterways. Additionally, this ceremony helps foster community cohesion as we pay our respects to ancestors.

Loy Krathong is an important festival that commemorates Thai traditions by offering food offerings to spirits and giving thanks for the blessings they’ve bestowed upon us. To uphold tradition and remain respectful, one should never throw anything away, no matter if no longer want it; black clothing should also not be worn during this festival as this can bring bad luck.

Chiang Mai celebrates this festival from November 7th to 9th, with most events occurring around Nawarat bridge and moat. Krathongs and lanterns can quickly sell out; to avoid this hassle it is wise to purchase them early from Tha Phae Road stalls or one of many free workshops providing these services around Chiang Mai.

Alongside traditional floats, the city skylight is filled with hundreds of lanterns lit and released into the night sky; creating an amazing spectacle and ending a great evening celebrating Thai culture.

Official mass releases of lanterns take place only at locations paid for and organized by local governments and private companies, to ensure safety during these events. It is advised to only attend organized events if you don’t wish to risk being caught up in unofficial mass releases that take place unofficially.


Many krathongs will be decorated with candles for an impressive show of lights and to pay our respects to the water spirits. You might even toss coins into the river as offerings. Additionally, this festival serves as an opportunity to let go of anger or sadness and celebrate new beginnings.

Loy Krathong celebrations often include fireworks as an exciting, enjoyable, and safe activity that adds another dimension of fun and celebrations. But it is important to keep in mind that fireworks may cause fires; take care when leaving belongings behind as these could easily get blown away in the wind!

Loy Krathong fireworks may not be as spectacular as those seen during New Year celebrations, but they still add to the thrill and excitement of the night. People gather at Chiang Mai’s main pond to witness these special celebrations of light. Additionally, plenty of other events take place throughout downtown Chiang Mai during Loy Krathong; making this an exciting chance to explore it through new eyes!

Sky lantern releases are another popular activity. Sky lanterns are typically constructed out of thin rice paper stretched over a wire frame and lit from within by candlepower; people can purchase these at local markets and vendors or make their own at home; once night falls it is truly magnificent to witness all of these lanterns floating through the air!

Staying close to the river when visiting Chiang Mai for Loy Krathong is ideal; try finding a hotel or restaurant with river views so as to fully experience this special event.

Join a river cruise tour to enjoy dinner and drinks while admiring floating krathongs – it will provide an entertaining and educational experience that is great fun for the whole family! Additionally, these cruises can include Thai traditional performances or other forms of entertainment to make this a unique and fun journey.