Double Takes: NOTES FROM THE ROAD: INDIA, Thar Desert

Greetings from the brutally hot Thar Desert. Despite the heat, India has absolutely won me over. From zip-lining over the 600 year old Mehrangarh Fort in Jodhpur to the incredibly kind people I have met in Jaisalmer, my time in this country just keeps getting better. The highlight of the past week was spending two days on a camel safari and campout in the desert near the India and Pakistan border. I can now clearly identify the growl of a camel and have learned that desert pasta is in fact nothing at all like pasta. I slept under the stars on a mat in the sand, in the company of both camels and the incredible “desert boys” who accompanied me into the desert and I can’t help but wonder if anything can top my experience with them. I plan on spending the next two weeks finding out. Hope life is well in your neck of the world!