One Nimman – Where Culture Meets Modernity in Chiang Mai

One Nimman – Where Culture Meets Modernity in Chiang Mai

One Nimman is where Chiang Mai’s cultural history and innovative spirit come together, each corner telling its own unique tale and making every visit feel like an exciting new journey.

One Nimman offers an incredible mix of boutiques, souvenir shops and restaurants that span from Italian pasta and Italian pizza through Japanese sushi and American burgers – everything imaginable without leaving One Nimman!

The District

Nimman is a relatively new area in Chiang Mai. Here, tradition meets modernity to form an exciting neighbourhood that makes living enjoyable – you’ll find great restaurants, bars, shops for satisfying shopping needs as well as housing options from traditional Lanna homes to modern apartments as well as numerous schools and colleges for you to choose from.

One of the primary draws of this area is its vibrant expat community, offering digital nomads co-working spaces and families an extensive choice of international schools. Additionally, gyms and fitness facilities in this neighborhood make the area well serviced to help burn off that Pad Thai!

Positioned near the University of Chiang Mai, this neighborhood provides the ideal urban experience. Additionally, its convenient proximity to Old City with its ancient walls and moat makes Wat Umong temple one of the must-visits – offering stunning tunnels to explore along with a gigantic Chedi that dates back 700 years!

One Nimman complex is an elegant red-bricked delight of shopping and dining that exudes style. Maya Mall boasts boutiques, leisure spaces, cinema, while its rooftop offers fresh breezes and breathtaking skyline views.

There’s a street food night market at One Nimman Square with live music and busking; just across the road you’ll find a white market offering handmade goods for sale.

Try something more offbeat by visiting the non-profit Free Bird Cafe – a vegan community hub and storefront for an eco-market that supports refugees. They hold talks, workshops and art events celebrating Lanna culture as well as hosting coffee shops and vegetarian restaurants that can cater to those with specific dietary requirements.


One Nimman offers a wide variety of cafes, boutique food places and chain restaurants for dining out. One such gallery hotel, Graph, has become an Instagram favorite due to their colorful interiors (be ready for lots of orange-robed monks posing inside!) as well as serving some amazing coffee (the Lost Garden is especially delicious). Or try Warm Up Cafe which boasts three “zones”, known for EDM music performances as well as live bands performing regularly!

Think Park is a recently opened themed shopping area featuring numerous charming features, like Japanese road crossings and benches to pose on. Additionally, this shopping complex houses eateries, co-working spaces and even a karaoke bar!

Street side vendors here offer mouthwatering fresh noodle dishes and other comfort foods, while Ming Muang Market is open every day, serving an amazing array of cuisine from breakfast through to dinner.

Langmor Market, held nightly near Ming Muang Market, offers more upscale street-side offerings such as beautiful fashion, high quality goods and inventive crafts for home decoration and more. Expect shorter opening hours compared to most Chiang Mai night markets but much more to browse through here!

One Nimman is an exciting district that blends Northern Thai Lanna culture with modern city living. Home to a number of unique events, bars and shops that will keep visitors occupied during their stay here! Don’t miss this gem in Chiang Mai! Make sure to visit this district on your next trip; you won’t regret it! For a more traditional experience, head outside of it towards Wat Umong Temple which boasts one of the city’s oldest structures. Chiang Mai Night Bazaar features an intricate network of underground tunnels dating back to the 13th century, as well as a giant Chedi monument you should circumnavigate three times for good luck and don’t forget your souvenir or trinket shopping at Chiang Mai!


One Nimman is both an attractive shopping paradise and cultural hotspot. There’s everything from hipster coffee shops with amazing latte art to lavish bars offering live performances every evening; whatever your taste or budget, there are options here that suit everyone – be it relaxing on crates in an open-air amphitheater to listening to street performers while eating Thai street food, or cozy cafes offering excellent customer service; One Nimman truly offers something for all its visitors.

At One Nimman, tucked between Maya Mall and Think Park lies a haven of tranquillity – it offers boutique shops, restaurants and bars that reflect Old Chiang Mai charm while being filled with fashion retail, souvenirs and cafes (like Ginger Farm Kitchen as part of its offering!). Additionally there’s the delicious Ginger & Kafe which also has an open air space offering up delicious food and refreshments!

Head up to the rooftop for breathtaking views of Nimman and Doi Suthep. While on this rooftop you’ll find restaurants such as Beast Burger and Rockme burger, both offering some of the finest burgers around; as well as Yayee Rooftop Bar that’s well worth a visit for great cocktails with unparalleled city skyline views.

Karn Bar is a new craft beer bar located on the rooftop of One Nimman that has quickly become the go-to spot for craft beers in the city.

Bulbul Book Cafe is another highly acclaimed rooftop bar in the area, located not too far off from the main road and providing the ideal place for visitors and locals alike to unwind with a cup of coffee or tea, some books, and the magnificent city views. A quiet yet relaxing spot that draws both locals and tourists, their service is exceptional and their food quality outstanding!


One Nimman offers shoppers plenty of opportunities for high-fashion and local handmade shopping alike, from modern malls to street food stands and more.

Maya Lifestyle Shopping Centre in Nimman offers an expansive selection of high fashion shops, food courts and restaurants as well as an IMAX cinema and 4D theatre – plus there’s even an exciting Thomas the Tank Engine noddy train that travels up and down its upper levels!

Central Chiang Mai Airport Mall is another large mall in Chiang Mai with numerous shops and eateries to offer, plus electronics, jewellery and beauty products if that is what interests you.

The House by Ginger is a popular boutique shopping destination featuring two restaurants and several stores specializing in local artisan goods. Their menu boasts creative twists on Thai classics while their stylish interiors make this an excellent place for date nights or group meals with friends.

Nimman offers several ‘dope’ cafes that attract those who enjoy smoking or vaping (although this activity remains illegal in public spaces in Thailand). These unique coffee shops sell items like clothing, books and gadgets – some of which can even be used to smoke.

Think Park in Nimman is an adorable plaza designed to replicate a small corner of Japan, complete with unique features like its Japanese road crossing. Additionally, there are bars, shops and restaurants nearby.

Langmor Night Market is an ideal evening destination, catering specifically to Chiang Mai’s student and young professional populations. Offering more fashion items for sale than usual tourist trinkets, Langmor Night Market makes for a fantastic bargain compared with most night markets in Chiang Mai.

Warm Up Cafe is an extremely popular meeting point for Chiang Mai’s hipsters and has three distinct “zones” where patrons can relax while listening to EDM music, playing arcade games or simply having drinks with friends. The place is always bustling, while their baristas are known for being friendly – serving some of the best coffee around as well as unique drinks such as Satan Lattes and Shakeratos from Hell served in glasses shaped like skulls and test tubes!