Pong Dueat Hot Spring: A Relaxing Detour in Northern Thailand

Pong Dueat Hot Spring – A Relaxing Detour in Northern Thailand

Pong Dueat Hot Spring offers visitors an amazing natural hot water soak experience during their journey through northern Thailand. Take time out from your journey and visit this lovely oasis – you won’t be sorry you stopped here!

Autumn is an excellent time to visit Northern Thailand. The monsoon season has officially subsided, making the weather enjoyable and dry.

1. Getting There

Visit Chiang Mai’s many hot springs is a must when visiting this region. While not world-famous attractions, these naturally occurring pools provide ideal environments to soak away stress and relax outdoors – this one even resides within a national park, making for an idyllic combination.

Pong Dueat Hot Spring requires some effort, but once there it will more than make up for your efforts. Situated six kilometres off Route 1095 toward Pai, Mae Malai and Chiang Mai. Although it might seem off the beaten track at first, Pong Dueat Hot Spring provides peace and quiet while enjoying nature in a national park setting.

Finding your way there is easy – drive east out of Bangkok towards Mae Taeng District on its border with Pai Province, taking right at Mae Taeng to Route 1095 before turning right up it; after about 30-40 meters there should be signs leading the way towards hot springs that will guide your route further.

Once at the entrance to the hot springs, pay your entry fee and walk a couple hundred metres along a raised path until reaching “geyser” location – where there will be steamy water that smells quite strongly of sulfur – thus why I always refer to it in quotation marks.

Beyond that are several simple pools for bathing with male/female separation and some modest guest rooms. The waters here are very hot, making for an idyllic soak while taking in the beautiful surroundings of a national park. There’s even an on-site restaurant where you can order drinks or food while relaxing!

2. The Pools

Hot springs might not be top of mind when thinking of northern Thailand, but they should definitely make an appearance on any itinerary. Not only are they great places to unwind after an exhausting mountain trek but they’re also perfect for relaxing and relieving stress in an atmospheric natural setting that is refreshingly devoid of concrete. There are various places you can go and soak up some hot water therapy from budget options up to luxurious spa resorts – there’s bound to be one just perfect for you.

Pong Dueat is one of the top destinations, situated among dramatic mountain scenery and offering plenty of advantages. The main pool here is huge, surrounded by rock walls that give it an intimate feeling despite having multiple hot pools nearby to choose from – whether you want a private pool experience or to soak your feet in the stream; here is something suitable for every mood and even massages are offered here!

Water temperatures here reach up to 99 degrees Celsius in some spots and its namesake geyser can shoot 2 meters into the air every 30 seconds, earning itself its name from the phenomenon.

There are various kinds of pools here and the facilities are excellent, including a restaurant offering snacks and beverages as well as bungalows if you wish to spend some time rejuvenating in this relaxing hot spring environment.

Huay Nam Dang National Park encompasses this entire area, making it the perfect spot for some quality relaxation and enjoyment of nature. Take some time out of your day to stroll along its trails and appreciate its majestic landscape – especially since most of it remains relatively undisturbed!

3. The Restaurant

Pong Dueat Hot Spring may not have the same impressive reputation of San Kamphaeng, but its own special charm makes it well worth visiting. Set within a national park, visitors can also walk through wooded paths while taking in nature’s scenery and taking part in guided hikes through nearby trails.

“Geyser” is actually more like a mud-pit with bubbling water than towering fountain-like jets of water; however, most websites imply geysers; thus we refer to this location as ‘The Geyser’ even if what you experience upon arriving is different than you expect.

Mineral-rich geothermal waters and the breathtaking beauty of the forest combine to offer a relaxing and healing environment, ideal for relaxation, exploration and discovery. Situated six kilometers off Route 1095 to Pai, it makes an excellent peaceful stop along your journey.

4. The View

As this hot spring is located within a national park, there’s plenty to see and explore here. From hiking trails and lakes to trees and wildlife – be sure to bring along your camera for beautiful shots or simply wander and admire the scenery!

Pong Dueat Park provides an unforgettable geyser-seeking experience; this park is said to be the largest one in Northern Thailand. Once inside, visitors will walk a couple hundred meters on elevated wooden floors while marveling at geysers that spurt water up to two metres in height every 30 seconds or so.

Pong Dueat Hot Springs may not be world-class geysers, but they still make for an impressive sight and offer a nice, quiet rest stop on your journey to Pai. Just six kilometres off Route 1095 towards Pai and located within Mae Taeng District within Mae Hong Son Province; best visited during winter for maximum relaxation! The park remains open throughout the year – try making time for this northern Thai experience during your travels!