Singha Park Chiang Rai – An Oasis of Leisure Activities

Singha Park Chiang Rai – An Oasis of Leisure Activities

Singha Park offers an idyllic retreat set within Mae Kon’s countryside, boasting flower gardens, lakes, tea plantations, orchids, vegetable crops and vegetable farming areas. Additionally, there are special events held here annually such as balloon festivals as well as sports cycling competitions.

Are You Searching for More Exciting Activities? Take a Tram Tour or Rent an Electric Scooter


Singha Park was previously known as Boon Rawd Brewery but is now an expansive destination that welcomes visitors to explore its fruit orchards, tea plantations and petting zoo. Additionally, this captivating park houses some of Thailand’s best coffee shops as well as numerous restaurants and food stalls; with Bhu Bhirom restaurant being its crowning glory with scenic farm views along with delicious Thai and international cuisine served up here.

Singha Park welcomes visitors with its iconic golden lion symbolizing its brewery. Bicycle rentals range from 150 Baht (for tandem bikes) and 100 Baht (children’s bikes). Each rental includes a helmet; therefore one hour should suffice in covering most parts of the park.

An alternative way of exploring the park is taking one of the trams that run periodically and cost 50 Baht per adult and child under 110 cm. This ride takes you around various parts of the park including its tea and fruit orchards, lake with over 50 swans, petting zoo and more!


Boon Rawd Farm (or Singha Park, as it’s more widely known) is one of Thailand’s premier agricultural tourism attractions, featuring parks, lakes, farms, restaurants, activities and festivals in one sprawling space.

Visit the entire park by renting bicycles (mountain bikes, children’s bikes or tandems are available at the Sports and Recreational Center) from their rental hut and taking the scenic routes with varying degrees of difficulty and distances marked on a map at their hut.

Cycling is the ideal way to experience this sprawling park. Start at Swan Lake where graceful swans and giant coy fish frolic in its waters; next up is Tea Plantation which offers visitors the chance to see and smell vast fields of swaying green tea bushes.

Once that is completed, be sure to visit the zoo, where you can feed zebras and giraffes. If time allows, head back over to Zone 1 for lunch at Bhu Bhirom Restaurant; they offer Thai and international cuisine while overlooking stunning farmlands – making for an unforgettable dining experience! A majestic golden lion – symbolizing Singha Corporation – welcomes visitors as soon as they enter this captivating spot!

Electric Scooter

Singha Park will strike you with wonder from the moment you step inside its gates. An immense golden lion, representing Singha Corporation, stands proudly at its entrance and welcomes visitors in. A verdant paradise lies waiting inside.

Formerly, this expansive farm grew barley used for producing Thailand’s famous Singha beer. Today, however, its vast expanse now plays home to various types of agricultural plants including oolong tea – you can take a guided tour here to witness how this plant thrives!

Or you could rent an electric scooter and explore the park at your own pace and stop for photos without breaking a sweat. An eBike costs 300 Baht (less than US$8.50) per 3-hour rental period while an electric golf cart rental costs 1,100 Baht per hour (4 person capacity). Some parts of the park are also accessible with your own car.

When exploring Singha Park and you get hungry while exploring, there are various restaurants and cafes for refreshments available to you. Of the most acclaimed of these is Bhu Bhirom Restaurant with its stunning farm views and menu of Thai or Western food; plus it provides an opportunity to sample Singha-branded beer as well as other beverages!

Golf Cart

Golf Cart is an exciting way to discover Singha Park Chiang Rai. With numerous stops providing different activities and scenery to take in, including Swan Lake (home to swans and other birds) and Flower Bloom (which features gorgeous Cochlospermum cosmos and lavender fields great for taking photos) the Golf Cart provides an unrivalled way of exploring this city park.

There are also various restaurants and cafes located within the park that provide traditional northern Thai dishes, Asian cuisine and western fare. Bhu Bhirom is an excellent choice for visitors wanting to dine while taking advantage of stunning park views from their elevated seating area. Furthermore, their meals make use of seasonal fruit from within the park itself!

Singha Park is an unforgettable destination, offering visitors an experience they won’t soon forget. Not only does it provide daily enjoyment to visitors, but also hosts numerous special events throughout the year – from music concerts by popular Thai bands, bicycle races and an annual hot air balloon festival – Singha Park provides a refreshing alternative to cookie-cutter tourist spots; earth, sky, verdure and water, history and the present all coexist harmoniously here.

Restaurants & Cafes

Singha Park offers many restaurants and cafes for visitors to choose from, some offering scenic views of its surroundings. These eateries serve a range of Thai and international cuisine as well as coffee shops and bakeries – the latter often offer lunch options!

Instead of just eating at restaurants, take time out to visit Barn House Pizzeria (Zipline Tower). Here, if you want a taste of adventure you can hang on a sling and climb an artificial mountain! Plus there’s pizzas and drinks here too, as well as animal attractions featuring zebras, giraffes, cows, horses, ponies that you can ride!

At any time of the year, this place can be visited; however, for optimal experiences it’s best to come between November and February when temperatures are cooler and drier. Once there, take a tram tour around each zone, exploring all that they offer along the way. Furthermore, enjoy music concerts by popular local bands or attend events like the balloon festival with over 14 countries represented!

Events & Festivals

As soon as you step through Singha Park’s entrance gates, the grand golden lion welcomes you with open arms. Symbolizing power, strength, courage, leadership dignity and loyalty it has long been a popular tourist photo op and photo spot.

The park boasts numerous restaurants, cafes and shops that provide delicious food and drinks. One such establishment is Bhu Bhirom Restaurant which specializes in both Thai and Western cuisine; their dishes incorporate fruits and vegetables grown within the park as well as their own oolong tea; be sure to sample their signature spicy tea-leaf salad!

For visitors looking for an independent experience of the park without being restricted by a tram tour, electric scooter or golf cart rentals for two hours cost approximately 700 baht – this can also help combat heat. November-February are optimal months when all flowers bloom full bloom; concerts featuring top Thai bands as well as cycling and sporting events take place here; not to mention it is home of Thailand’s annual hot air balloon festival that draws thousands each year!

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Singha Park Chiang Rai offers the ideal setting to find tranquility. A day spent here can be likened to an orchestral score, from cascading tea bushes and whispering fields, topped off with beautiful skies. Even during its busy peak seasons, Singha Park remains a place where one can escape the hustle and bustle of modern life for peaceful respite.

Visit Doi Suthep National Park when in Northern Thailand; however, visiting this park is well worth your while if time and driving distance are an issue. In addition, this park is much easier to reach than some of the more well-known destinations such as White Temple or Hmong Village.

Boon Rawd Brewery Park has since been transformed into a tourist destination with beautiful gardens and an iconic golden lion statue as its main attractions. Divided into zones offering different activities, some notable destinations in this park are Mon Tha Than Waterfall; lake where visitors can rent pedal boats to feed swans; as well as zoo with zebras, giraffes, rabbits and more!