Stamps Backpackers Hostel & Tours – Chiang Mai – A Budget Traveler’s Guide

Stamps Backpackers Hostel & Tours – Chiang Mai – A Budget Traveler’s Guide

Chiang Mai Hostel offers visitors a convenient base from which to explore its night bazaar and temples, as well as offering excellent restaurants and co-working spaces for digital nomads.

Traveling on a budget doesn’t need to be challenging when planned correctly; just stay at budget hostels, rent a scooter and visit temples as part of your itinerary for maximum savings!


Chiang Mai is an excellent destination for budget travelers. Offering plenty of hostels and inexpensive guesthouses that won’t drain your wallet while still giving you access to Thailand’s greatest sights, you can live comfortably for $20-25 a day (this includes staying in an inexpensive hostel or Couchsurfing, using local red buses, eating street food etc). However, don’t come all this way just to slum it – make sure you save up for more luxurious accommodations or renting scooters too.

If you want to stay near all the action, ALEXA Hostel could be just what you’re looking for. Situated near Nimmanhaemin Road and beloved among digital nomads alike, ALEXA Hostel boasts spacious common areas, strong WiFi service and a cafe offering delectable coffee – plus it is just steps from Old Town and other major attractions of Seoul!

Mapping Hostel, situated along the Ping River and offering a peaceful retreat from city life. Offering both rustic bungalows and dorm rooms – mixed or female-only options available – with spacious rooms featuring hot showers; its staff are helpful and welcoming while breakfast is free for all!

Culture enthusiasts will find plenty to discover here, with plenty of museums and temples worth seeing, like Wat Chedi Luang which houses an immense golden Buddha statue; Chiang Mai National Museum offers an excellent collection of Thai art and history collections;

Chiang Mai offers thrill-seekers plenty of excitement during its annual water fight celebration, known as Songkran, from April 13-15th! Be wary of any elephant tours though as many treat them poorly; alternatively rent motorbikes to enjoy Mae Hong Son Loop’s 1,864 turns!


If you’re travelling on a tight budget, Chiang Mai offers plenty of affordable hostels that will keep your expenses to a minimum. With as little as $20-25 a day spent staying in a dormitory room and eating street food as well as using red trucks as transportation – budget travel is certainly possible; all it takes is careful planning in order to stretch every baht to its max!

Chiang Mai, one of Thailand’s oldest cities, remains an affordable travel destination for backpackers. You’ll be sure to find affordable accommodation and food, all while experiencing its sights and attractions. Furthermore, Chiang Mai is known as being safe and friendly place – particularly among solo travelers.

For an unforgettable yet affordable adventure, stay at a hostel within walking distance from Chiang Mai’s city center and spend your days exploring. There is an array of activities and events on offer in this vibrant region – night markets can be especially useful in meeting fellow backpackers while taking part in exploring its culture!

Alternative accommodation outside Chiang Mai may include staying in an economical guesthouse in the countryside. Many such guesthouses offer free breakfast and cooking classes; you may even qualify for discounts by booking through Bookway; there are also tours to hiking spots and waterfalls nearby.

Chiang Mai’s most beloved activity is elephant tourism; these giant pachyderms are deeply revered in Thai culture and an integral part of Thai history. However, elephant tourism may not always be ethical so make sure that your research includes researching any company offering rides before signing up with one.

Stamps Backpackers Hostel & Tours is located at the center of Old Town, a short stroll away from its famed temples and landmarks such as Wat Chedi Luang where once stood the Emerald Buddha; making this an excellent spot for budget travelers looking for accommodation.


Stamps Backpackers hostel is an excellent option for travelers who are hoping to meet new people while exploring Chiang Mai. The staff here are extremely welcoming, helping book day trips and transport. Additionally, Stamps has social activities such as Karaoke and Scavenger Hunts which make this an excellent place for travelers seeking friendship.

This hostel is centrally located, making it easier to visit all of the sights and attractions. With a selection of rooms that range from basic doubles to private ones, as well as cleanliness and amenities suitable for an enjoyable stay – including coffee from their bar/restaurant!

At this hostel, the rooms are clean, comfortable, and spacious – as well as well-equipped with air conditioning and flat-screen television. Additionally, bathrooms are very well kept with hot showers available 24/7 for guest use; beds made of high-quality materials have privacy curtains to guarantee maximum comfort; plus there is 24-hour front desk assistance should any issues arise.

Visitors to this hotel love its prime location near many popular tourist spots in the city, its affordable pricing, and comprehensive range of amenities to meet every traveler’s needs. Plus, guests can select their breakfast option!

Hotel facilities include not only exceptional amenities but also a beautiful garden and pool, friendly staff and rooms with modern furnishings; making this the ideal place for relaxation after an arduous sightseeing journey.

Enjoy an excellent dinner at either the in-house restaurant or nearby takeout options, then browse local merchandise at a night bazaar nearby. Indulge in an excellent bar and club atmosphere at this hostel as well as relax at its spa on site, all for free parking and Wi-Fi connectivity!

Social aspect

One of the great advantages of staying at a hostel in Chiang Mai is meeting other travelers and exchanging your travel stories with them. Additionally, many hostels organize social events and activities designed to give their guests an immersive cultural experience and culinary journey – not to mention being more budget friendly than hotels!

Hug Hostel stands out among Chiang Mai hostels by offering spacious common areas and unique rooms that provide more privacy than traditional dorms. Conveniently located within Chiang Mai Old Town, guests can easily walk to restaurants and bars, while staff members are friendly and helpful – not forgetting a delicious daily breakfast which makes an excellent start to each day in Chiang Mai!

Stamps Backpackers Hostel & Tours, situated in Old Town, has earned rave reviews from guests. Offering an assortment of social spaces such as a large common room and cozy bar, as well as friendly staff that organize nightly activities to let guests get acquainted with one another, this modern hostel provides its visitors with the experience they’re looking for in a hostel stay.

Chiang Mai offers luxury accommodations, as well as more budget-conscious hotels and hostels offering more budget-conscious options. While these properties may offer basic amenities, they still make for a fantastic way to experience all that Chiang Mai has to offer while saving money at the same time!

Chiang Mai offers many affordable hotels outside the city center that may be the better option for visitors on a tight budget. There are also hotels and hostels located within its boundaries; choose wisely!

If you’re in search of an affordable hotel close to the city centre, The Poshtel should be at the top of your list. A favorite among backpackers, this hotel provides outstanding value for its price; with free breakfast and WiFi service that keeps pace with modern life as well as being within walking distance from Night Bazaar – plus the staff often comes around pouring free shots!