The Mae Wang Loop: A Motorcycle Adventure Through the Heart of Northern Thailand

The Mae Wang Loop is a famous motorcycle route that takes riders through the heart of Northern Thailand. This route offers breathtaking views, diverse cultures, and an opportunity to explore some of the most remote and unspoiled parts of the country. With its winding roads and challenging terrain, the Mae Wang Loop is a true adventure for experienced riders.

The Route

The Mae Wang Loop is a circular route that starts and ends in the city of Chiang Mai. The total distance of the loop is around 200 kilometers and it can be completed in one day. The route passes through the districts of Mae Taeng, Mae Wang, and San Pa Tong. The route is characterized by its winding roads, steep hills, and beautiful scenery.

The Scenery

One of the highlights of the Mae Wang Loop is the stunning scenery. The route takes riders through lush green forests, over mountain passes, and past picturesque lakes and waterfalls. Along the way, you’ll also have the opportunity to see traditional hill tribe villages and visit temples and monasteries that are off the beaten path. The route also offers panoramic views of the surrounding mountains and valleys.

The Culture

The Mae Wang Loop also offers a chance to explore the rich culture of Northern Thailand. You’ll have the opportunity to visit traditional hill tribe villages and learn about the customs and way of life of the different ethnic groups that call this region home. You’ll also be able to see firsthand the influence of Buddhism on the local culture, as the route passes many temples and monasteries.

Tips for Riding the Mae Wang Loop

  • Plan your route: Make sure you have a good map and a plan for where you want to go and how long you want to spend on the road.
  • Be prepared: Make sure your motorcycle is in good condition and that you have all the necessary gear and supplies.
  • Take your time: There’s no need to rush through the Mae Wang Loop. Take your time and enjoy the scenery and culture along the way.
  • Be respectful: Remember that you are a guest in someone else’s home and always be respectful of the local people and their culture.


The Mae Wang Loop is a must-do motorcycle adventure for experienced riders looking to explore the heart of Northern Thailand. With its winding roads, challenging terrain, and breathtaking scenery, this route offers an unforgettable experience. Whether you’re an experienced rider or a beginner, the Mae Wang Loop is a journey that you’ll never forget. With its natural beauty, historical significance, and cultural richness, it is an ideal place to spend a day and discover the hidden gems of Northern Thailand.