The Saturday Night Market in Chiang Mai

The Saturday Night Market in Chiang Mai

One Nimman Shopping Centre comes alive when Chang Khlan Road transforms into an exciting night market, selling local handicrafts, art, souvenirs and clothing and accessories from stalls along Chang Khlan Road.

Food vendors in Northern Thai dishes as well as tasty takes on Western favourites can satisfy your appetite between browsing shops. Be sure to haggle!

Wualai Walking Street

Once the sun goes down in Thailand, its nightlife explodes into an amazing shopping and eating spree. From cozy cafes to temples and artisan workshops, the Land of Smiles provides many opportunities for late-night purchases and dining.

Wua Lai Walking Street is one of Chiang Mai’s most beloved night markets and definitely deserves your consideration. Beginning around 5pm each evening market offers goods ranging from Thai herbs and spices to clothing, handbags, soaps and souvenirs – not forgetting traditional La Na buildings identifiable by their sloping roofs with guardian figurines perched atop them!

At this market, most stalls sell typical touristy items like clothing and jewellery; you may also come across plenty of handmade masterpieces crafted by talented artisan craftspeople. It can be easy to lose yourself among such an abundance of handmade works of art!

As soon as you arrive, be sure to sample some of the street food on offer. With an array of delicious choices at fairly reasonable prices, this night market provides one of the few opportunities in Chiang Mai where bartering prices is still possible; though more and more vendors now display their prices clearly for easier haggling.

This market is also popular with cooking classes who bring their students here to purchase ingredients for the day’s meals. Many stalls focus on northern Thai cuisine such as Khao Hang Lei (braised pork leg stew), which Anthony Bourdain enjoyed when visiting.

The Pavilion Night Bazaar may be the smallest night market on this list, but it still makes for a worthwhile visit. Comprised of an indoor food court as well as outdoor town square and alley featuring several more stalls. Not as tourist-oriented than other night markets, this one serves more as a local hangout for young people looking for stylish clothing and inexpensive electronic gadgets.

Chang Klan Road

Chiang Mai offers many great night markets along Chang Klan Road that make an excellent place for night shopping sprees at night – Anusarn Night Market, Pavillion Night Bazaar, Chiang Mai Night Bazaar, Kalare Night Market and Ploen Ruedee Night Market are among the many excellent choices that await visitors who like night markets with live entertainment such as concerts and martial art shows – which all can be explored within walking distance from each other and can all be visited within an evening’s strolling. These include Anusarn Night Market, Pavillion Night Bazaar Chiang Mai Night Bazaar along with Kalare Night Market. Indulge yourself by making time travel worth your while!

Anusarn Night Market (a miniature version of Chiang Mai Night Bazaar) can be found in an intimate town square and alleyway near the main temple complex in Anusarn city centre, opening around 5pm each evening and offering plenty of food stalls, souvenir shops and beer (large bottles are 80 baht each). It offers great early evening strolling pleasure.

White Market can be found just across from Anusarn and boasts around 30 stalls offering high quality/quirky goods rather than the typical tourist tat that you typically see at night markets. Although more costly, its prices remain very reasonable; come here if you are in search of something unique!

Ploen Ruedee Night Market can be found within One Nimman shopping centre, with cobbled streets and town square as well as cafes, restaurants, and cocktail bars lining its cobblestone pathways. Though smaller than other night markets it offers great opportunities for late evening snacking!

Chiang Mai’s granddaddy of night markets, the Sunday Walking Street/Markets are held every Sunday evening starting near Old Town Tha Pae Gate and winding south west along Rachadamanoen Road for about three-quarters of a mile (or one km). Visitors can stroll leisurely through these markets offering everything from wooden carvings and hand-painted ceramics to food vendors with plenty of products from woodcarvings to hand-painted ceramics with food stalls dotted throughout.

Wualai Road

Wualai Road in Chiang Mai hosts one of Chiang Mai’s smaller night markets and it comes to life every Saturday evening from 6 pm. Here, stalls sell a selection of high quality and quirky goods which stand out from typical tourist tat, while food vendors can be found as well as several food stalls; note however that selling alcohol within this market is illegal and you will face fines should it occur.

Attractions to this market include its convenient proximity to the city center and wide selection of modern clothing at reasonable rates; electronic gadgets; as well as its large food area that makes refuelling quick and easy.

Chang Klan Road comes alive as the sun begins its descent and the sky transforms to an eye-catching shade of pink, with birdsong and shoppers’ shopping bags clanking together on this bustling street filled with activity, featuring various shops selling everything from tourist souvenirs to handcrafted silver jewelry and silk fabrics.

White Market, an artisan-style market featuring 30 stalls offering high quality and unique merchandise, can be found nearby. Prices here may be slightly higher than at the other two markets but it’s well worth visiting for its unique merchandise!

Anusarn Night Bazaar is one of Bangkok’s largest night markets and one of its most exciting, with handcrafted goods taking precedence over tourist trinkets. Additionally, traditional goods can be found here as well as performances and cabaret shows!

Chiang Mai’s Sunday Walking Street Market is one of the city’s best-known night markets, stretching along Ratchadamnoen Road and is a must-visit attraction. Though often overrun, its vibrant atmosphere remains lively as customers browse stalls selling everything from handmade jewelry and postcards to paintings by local artists.

Kat Rin Kham Bazaar

Chiang Mai offers an exciting shopping scene. There are various night markets offering an abundance of goods – most popularly Sunday Walking Street, Chiang Mai Night Bazaar, Anusarn Market, Kat Rin Kham Night Bazaar and Bo Sang Umbrella Village are must-visits if you want quality souvenirs and handicrafts!

The Kat Rin Kham Night Bazaar is an engaging market with shops selling clothing, accessories, home decor items and street food as well as street vendors selling food. You will also find street food vendors selling street food and tattoo shops onsite. Visitors who enjoy haggling are sure to find something great here; many excellent handicrafts, jewelry pieces and souvenirs can also be found there!

Apart from its shops, the market is also famous for its delicious street food – particularly grilled chicken, fried bananas and sticky rice! Prices at this market are very reasonable making them an ideal solution if you’re craving delicious local fare.

Wat Phra That Doi Suthep temple is another popular attraction, serving as one of the country’s most significant religious and historical sites. Situated just outside Chiang Mai, its gold-plated chedi is worth visiting; furthermore, there are restaurants and souvenir shops located within its complex.

Chiang Mai offers some must-see spots, including Mae Ping National Park, Wat Saket and Wat Phra Kaew – three iconic landmarks that should be visited to experience Thailand at its finest.

When visiting night markets, it’s essential that you wear comfortable footwear. Some markets can be large, and you will have to walk far to explore them all. Bring along water and sunscreen as well to stay hydrated during your exploration. Finally, be aware of any allergies or dietary restrictions prior to visiting these night markets.