Uncovering Chiang Dao Caves

Uncovering Chiang Dao Caves

Small town with an exceptional blend of natural beauty and ancient temples, as well as several exciting outdoor adventures to be found there.

Guided tours through these caves cost money (150 Baht for gas lantern and one guide), but are worth every penny if you wish to explore deeper caverns.

Tham Ma Cave

Tham Ma Cave is the largest cave along the river, boasting a mile-long cavern filled with stalactites and stalagmites. Legend has it that its interior is haunted by the spirit (jao thi) of a princess from Chiang Rung who impregnated herself with an ordinary man before fleeing into this cave for shameful reasons, impregnated herself again later, fled back into her court only when her father granted permission for her return – in which case her genitalia became Mae Nam Lang while her reclining body Doi Nang Non has since protected both caves from floods as well as those who visit it from harm!

Tham Ma Rock-Shelter stands in an idyllic transition zone between karst and non-karst landscapes, providing easy access to both water and forest resources. Furthermore, with both cave and river located within comfortable walking distance from streams and hilltop paths, its access to resources allows year-round foraging by foragers.

Positioned on a natural bridge over Mae Nam Lang and boasting a wide entryway, this cave becomes more accessible during wet seasons as a base of operation when searching for food or shelter in monsoon conditions.

Tham Ma’s various shrines and altars boast an astounding assortment of Buddha models made of bronze, animal horn, resin, stone, ceramics and even gold leaf. When visiting any cave that holds sacred significance such as Tham Ma, visitors should remember it should remain quiet. Wearing long pants or a sarong is recommended, as Buddhism reverenced at these caves do not permit any form of skin exposure and smoking is prohibited anywhere inside its confines – another good tip would be not touching or moving any statue from their pedestals as this could indicate disrespect while potentially leading to damage or theft and is illegal!

Tham Kaew Cave

This amazing cave offers visitors something truly spectacular. Its walls shimmer with sparkling calcite crystals, making the walls glow like diamonds. A must-see attraction for people interested in nature and geology alike! Additionally, the cave features lights for night exploration as well as an accessible walkway and boasts five chambers that visitors can explore inside it.

This cave is home to intriguing rock formations and stalactites, making it a key local gathering spot as well as popular with tourists. A large pool in its center allows people to take a swim while marveling at its breathtaking beauty; salas (roof shelters) for picnics provide shelter, while there is even an intimate spirit house where one may consult spirits about things such as marriage, lottery winnings or business ventures.

Tham Kaew Caves are home to an abundance of both flora and fauna. Visitors can witness rare plants and animals like saber-toothed tigers, Asian black bears and wild boar in their natural environments. Furthermore, Tham Kaew is also a sanctuary for birds that can be found throughout its cave system – from rock surfaces at its entrances to bird nests within.

This cave is famous for its mysterious stories and legends. According to legend, this cave is home to an imaginary sea princess whom fishermen seek for protection and good luck at sea. Additionally, the cave may be resting place of an hermit who created seven sacred objects visible at its entrance.

Tham Kaew Cave should be on everyone’s itinerary who seeks an extraordinary life experience. This breathtaking natural marvel features incredible stalactites and stalagmites which will leave you breathless; plus there are also soda straws, curtains, flowstones, and aragonite present within its depths.

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Tham Phra Non Cave

Tham Phra Non is Thailand’s premiere cave for viewing impressive stalactites and stalagmites, boasting some impressive crystal formations which illuminate when hit by sunlight. Stalactites and stalagmites are found throughout all caves, but those at Tham Phra Non stand out among their peers with their breathtaking display.

Within the caves are also statues, shrines and Buddha images brought from elsewhere (including some of Thailand’s most significant temples). Photographing these sculptures is permitted; however be mindful of possible slipping due to uneven floors. Taking pictures may become hazardous due to slippery floors.

Chiang Dao’s most-beloved cave, due to both its beauty and myths surrounding it. According to legend, Princess Nang Usa spent some time here while living alone and feeling lonely; one day she met Rishi Chantra whom she fell deeply in love with; however, due to a rock bedchamber within the tower they couldn’t meet up, so Nang Usa remained trapped within it despite wanting desperately to meet him.

After her beloved died suddenly and Nang Usa fell sick, Nang Usa decided to return the statue back where it belonged and follow advice given from a sage that advised she do so by morning; otherwise her soul would suffer forever.

Caves have long been considered sacred spaces by both Thai and Shan communities; thus justifying their place among their history. Many caves are dedicated to particular figures or sages who played significant roles.

Caves can be very fascinating to explore, and are even more impressive with a guided tour led by a local guide who can tell stories of what lies within and help navigate Doi Chiang Dao’s complex network of tunnels extending over 12km beneath its surface.

Tham Phra Nawn Cave

Tham Phra Nawn caves are decorated with Buddha images and shrines, making the area popular with local fisherfolk who offer wooden phalluses to appease the spirit of a drowned princess and bring good luck.

Tham Phra Nawn Cave at Chiang Dao is the largest of all caverns, stretching for more than 12 kilometers underground in Doi Chiang Dao mountain range. Well lit with cement walkways and steps making navigation simple without needing an expert guide, the cave contains a small underground lake as well as limestone formations.

Tham Phra Nawn is a favorite tourist spot among both Thai and international visitors alike, particularly due to the Buddha statues and shrines carved into its limestone walls – providing visitors with an exquisite photo op and offering photographers an amazing light show every hour at sunset! The main draw here for both visitors is Tham Phra Nawn’s iconic Buddhist sculptures and shrines which draw them in for photo opps!

Tham Phra Nawn Cave features a temple where visitors can meditate and pray, set against stunning limestone cliffs. Additionally, there is also a private cave beach which makes for excellent swimming and sunbathing opportunities.

While exploring Tham Phra Nawn Cave, it is essential to remember its nature as a cave and the potential obstacles you could come across. Therefore, it would be prudent to bring along an expert guide who can assist in helping avoid any dangers during exploration of this subterranean wonder.

Tham Phra Nawn cave offers another intriguing feature with its sandstone rocks that appear to resemble fossilized giant snake remains. Many believe these rocks represent some form of mythological creature; however, scientists have disproved this belief and they’ve proven they are simply natural formations.

Tham Phra Nawn Cave in Thailand became the site of an unprecedented rescue operation in 2018 when twelve boys and their assistant coach became trapped within its confines. Millions watched their dramatic escape, cementing Tham Phra Nawn as an attraction while also amplifying its fame thanks to these remarkable boys and their extraordinary rescue mission. Today, this underground treasure still draws visitors, yet even greater recognition can be attributed to them and their rescue operations.