Why Grand Canyon Chiang Mai is More Than Just a Water Park

Why Grand Canyon Chiang Mai is More Than Just a Water Park

First thing that will strike you about this place is its familiarity. An inflatable Wipeout-style obstacle course floating among clear waters and high dirt walls offers tons of entertainment and enjoyment.

Transportation between Chiang Mai and Lan Xang can be easily organized through tours or taxi apps like Bolt or Grab. Songthaews may also be flagged down.

1. The Waterpark

No matter your travel goals or age, Grand Canyon Water Park has something for you! As one of the premier waterparks in the area, its diverse offerings provide something fun for everyone to do in clean swimming pools – with prices that make this waterpark more than affordable than any others in its class.

The waterpark boasts an extensive collection of inflatable water slides of various lengths and an inflatable obstacle course, the biggest being 10 meters tall – no doubt thrilling for visitors of any age! Additionally, adults may try their luck on other water slides available as well as zip lines and wakeboarding opportunities.

Not your average waterpark, this park also offers non-water activities like its floating trampoline which simulates Wipe Out! Kayak around its large canyon or perform flips off its 10 meter diving platform are among the many other fun things you can do here.

If you need a moment of rest and relaxation, there’s an entire green space dedicated to rest and sunbathing. Plush lounging chairs are scattered about and you can even indulge in a fish spa; its special tank of small fish nibble away at dead skin on your feet for soft feet!

Additionally to the waterpark is a Kids Zone designed specifically for younger children. This section of the park features smaller versions of the slides and attractions found within the main waterpark; additionally it’s installed within clean swimming pools which make this experience significantly safer than its murky waters counterparts.

To reach the waterpark, the best option is a tour with transportation included; these tours can be found at most hostels and guesthouses around town. Otherwise, use one of Chiang Mai’s many taxi apps like Bolt or Grab to arrange your trip; this should cost between 200-300 baht depending on where your destination lies.

2. The Restaurant

The Grand Canyon Chiang Mai waterpark opened in 2009, providing a wonderful place for families to spend a fun-filled day out. It boasts numerous slides and attractions for everyone to enjoy, such as two water coasters that provide hours of amusement. There’s even a wakeboard facility geared toward more adventurous visitors! A unique feature at the waterpark are its ziplines; these long cable lines float high above the water while adhering to strict safety standards – something not found elsewhere in Thailand. Admission includes these unique ziplines!

Waterparks often feature several restaurants that provide meals and drinks at reasonable prices, with plenty of choices for families with young children. Due to the park’s no outside drink policy, you will have to purchase all food and beverages from within their respective restaurants.

Tour operators in Chiang Mai’s old city offer tours to Grand Canyon Chiang Mai Waterpark. Prices typically range from 1,000 baht – 2,500 baht, including return transportation. However, visiting on your own is much more cost effective and you can stay as long as desired!

Accessing the Grand Canyon Chiang Mai Water park is simple. You have several options available to you when traveling there: drive yourself or take a taxi (taxi services are readily available throughout Chiang Mai and apps such as Grab or Bolt can help book one). Expect it to take 30-40 minutes from Chiang Mai’s city center before reaching its center.

If driving isn’t your cup of tea, take the bus instead to reach Grand Canyon Waterpark. Many bus lines run from Old City directly to this attraction while Songthaews may also arrive there although these might be too crowded and slow for your taste.

3. The ATV Tour

Water parks around the world vary considerably in style; but none can rival Thailand’s unique canyon-themed waterpark for sheer exhilaration and excitement! From thrilling slides to breathtaking natural landscapes and stunning waterfalls, it offers an exhilarating adventure unlike anything you will experience elsewhere in America.

Grand Canyon Chiang Mai offers more than just the incredible waterpark; guests of all ages will also have fun participating in other outdoor activities at Grand Canyon. One such activity is The Floating Adventure – an intricate floating obstacle course with challenging obstacles and climbing sections, designed to put guests through their paces while remaining safe. Kayaking, zip lining, and even cliff diving are also among many of its other outdoor offerings at this exciting destination.

There are also leisure areas dedicated to sunbathing; these provide an ideal place for those who prefer relaxing over swimming or playing on slides. With Thailand’s tropical and warm weather, sunbathing can provide a wonderful way to unwind.

Your tour operators in Chiang Mai offers tours to Grand Canyon Chiang Mai at prices ranging from 1,000 baht – 2,500 baht, with return transportation included in this fee. If time is an issue, take advantage of Bolt or Grab taxi apps; otherwise flag down one on the street or one of the red buses called Songthaews that run throughout Chiang Mai to reach your desired location faster.

The Grand Canyon in Chiang Mai should not be confused with Hang Dong District’s smaller water park, the other Grand Canyon. Situated just south of Chiang Mai city centre and ideal for families with young kids to spend a fun-filled day, you’ll also be close to other attractions in the area like Royal Park Rajapruek, Three Kings Monument and Wat Phrathat Doi Kham which offers spectacular panoramic hilltop temple views over Chiang Mai city center.

4. The Scenic Views

Grand Canyon Chiang Mai offers thrill seekers an exhilarating water park experience, but is also an idyllic destination to relax and soak up some rays. The water is crystal clear, providing many leisure areas where visitors enjoy sunbathing; especially popular during hot and humid summer days when sunbathing becomes increasingly attractive. Furthermore, steep cliffs adorn its perimeter to form an impressive landscape around its lake.

Water parks are filled with an assortment of exciting activities designed to get your heart racing. One main draw at these waterparks is an over-water plastic obstacle course where visitors can walk, jump off, or swim underneath it safely for hours at a time – under supervision from trained lifeguards at all times.

Apart from an obstacle course, water parks also offer water slides and other fun activities that are sure to please both family members and date night partners. With temperatures higher than at home pools, towels may come in handy should you plan on staying for more than a few hours at the park.

Grand Canyon Water park stands out among others because of the stunning surroundings it boasts. Once an abandoned limestone quarry, now filled with water to form Lake Grand Canyon and featuring walls that rise steeply up from beneath its surface – creating a picturesque scene and giving off the impression that this waterpark feels more natural than artificial.

The Grand Canyon offers the perfect way to escape from city life. Here you can relax and rejuvenate while spending quality time with family or simply exploring nature – it offers an ideal respite from Chiang Mai’s temples and markets, providing an incredibly magical experience that will leave you feeling peacefully relaxed.