A Day in Nimmanhaemin – Chiang Mai’s Trendy Neighborhood

A Day in Nimmanhaemin – Chiang Mai’s Trendy Neighborhood

Nimmanhaemin is an oasis of culture, coffee, food, and shopping – not to mention some of the city’s best rooftop bars!

Nimman Village in Chiang Mai is becoming an increasingly popular spot for digital nomads who rent affordable apartments there. There’s an excellent selection of fully furnished, spacious rentals in the Nimman neighborhood to meet every digital nomad’s budget and taste – and Nimman is home to some fantastic eateries, coffee shops, and wine bars!

1. Anchan Noodle

Nimman is home to this unassuming, delicious gem which delights locals with heart and soul-made food that feels just like grandma’s kitchen (if she were an accomplished chef!). I felt as if I were dining there myself – or so it seems!

Even though it’s just across from Wat Lok Moli, this small restaurant can be easy to miss. To locate it, head past the moat into what may look like a parking lot (there’s actually a small soi with wicker furniture shops), and follow it until it leads you directly there.

At once you will find cute decor, comfortable seating and an open outdoor dining area where guests can sit comfortably on floor pillows while watching twinkling lights sparkle around them – the ideal spot for dinner with a friend or lunch with a casual date!

They offer an impressive variety of Som Tam dishes and their English language version offers images to help guide your decision making process. I highly recommend trying the Nam Tok Moo or Waterfall Salad; both options are light yet refreshing alternatives to heavier Som Tam dishes you may find elsewhere. And don’t forget the sticky rice!

I would suggest their beef noodle soup for something filling, as it has just the right combination of spicy heat, flavorful depth and satisfying satisfaction – and is less than 8USD per bowl!

Fantastic Food Search is an invaluable tool for finding amazing places to eat in Thailand, run by Austin Bush (an esteemed travel writer) and Christopher Wise – two experts on Thai cuisine who provide extremely detailed guides that I trust as recommendations! I’ve used this site multiple times myself!

2. Italics

Nimmanhaemin (or simply Nimman) is a hub of activity, drawing expats and students from Chiang Mai University. Nimman is a prime location to eat, drink and shop – it offers restaurants, cafes, wine bars and boutique hotels, as well as yoga studios, art galleries and massage parlours – plus it is just north of Old City with many parks nearby – providing an ideal escape from its hustle-bustle!

Nimman offers trendy accommodation at an incredibly reasonable cost, making it the ideal place for students and digital nomads alike. There are plenty of coworking spaces, affordable restaurants and cafes, plus numerous top-rated hotels such as Baan Phuen Hostel and Rooftop; additionally the Buchita Nimman is popular choice, with free parking and spacious family rooms available for use.

Nimmanhaemin takes its name from Nimman Road that runs through it and offers many Sois (streets). Situated just north of Old City, this district is popular among foodies looking for delicious eateries, drinks, shops and yoga studios as well as yoga galleries, art galleries and massage parlours. There are upscale restaurants and cafes here as well as boutique hotels dotted around – although Nimman Road may be loud during rush hours it becomes quiet once away from its central strip; additionally the area also plays host to several renowned universities such as Chiang Mai University and Payap University while also being connected by both Metro lines (Northern Railway Line and Metro).

3. Ristr8to

Nimmanhaemin (also spelt Nimmanahaemin) has quickly become the destination of choice for travellers, digital nomads and shutterbugs of all stripes. From food to fashion and even architecture – almost everything here can be taken in on Instagrammable photos!

Ristr8to, run by world latte art champion and Ristr8to founder Chris Hohmann, stands out among them all with its world-class coffee service and unique offerings like its Coffee Test Tube (4 Cold Brew Shots in a Clear Glass for just 139 Baht), Shaken Irish Coffee or Ficardie served in a Skull.

If you’re craving some dessert, there is an array of bingsu and frozen yoghurt places offering traditional Japanese desserts, such as I-Berry or Cheevit Cheeva; newcomer Somtum Der offers delicious black-bean sticky rice ice cream!

Shopping options available to residents in One Nimman include Maya Lifestyle Shopping Center and Think Park Mall; of these Maya is considered the go-to for fashion with its huge variety of Thai and international labels.

Songthaews, those red trucks that transport you between locations for a small fee, are an efficient and cost-effective means of travel in this region. Haggling may help secure you the best price. Grab cars (Southeast Asia’s Uber service) and taxi services may also be options; or book one directly. Alternatively, day trippers should head for the bus station located at the end of main street as local buses offer reliable yet cost-effective travel solutions.

4. Lanna Traditional House Museum

Chiang Mai’s old city may feature impressive temples and an active Old Town with ancient walls, but Nimmanhaemin (pronounced ‘nim-mah-nah) offers modernity with its vibrant shopping, eating and nightlife options. You’ll also find here great coffee from craft boutiques as well as beautifully prepared meals designed for modern palates.

Nimmanhaemin neighborhood draws many expats, digital nomads and locals for its fast internet and cost of living that is much lower than in Western cities, providing people with an ideal place to focus on work while exploring all that makes Chiang Mai special in their free time.

CAMP (Creative and Meeting Park), one of the area’s most beloved coworking spaces, can be found on the 5th floor of Maya Mall on its 5th floor and offers plenty of places to work, grab quick snacks or coffee/beer, while offering an open roof option on sunny Chiang Mai days.

Consider Park is located directly across the main intersection and features an area themed like a Japanese road crossing, complete with adorable characters and benches to pose on. It is an excellent place for photo opps and is popular among students of the surrounding schools.

To gain more insight into traditional Lanna life, make your way down from Anchan Noodle towards the Lanna Traditional House Museum. This museum contains houses saved from ruin to showcase local architecture, handicrafts and lifestyle. A visit is well worth it for anyone interested in Thai history and culture!

5. Beer Lab

Nimmanhaemin offers a vibrant artisan-driven atmosphere perfect for modern lifestyle enthusiasts, with boutique shops, fine restaurants and lively bars that bring life to the evening atmosphere. Residents and students from nearby Chiang Mai University make for a lively mix when night falls!

At Beer Lab, enjoy an enjoyable craft beer tasting session at this understated bar with big flavors. Choose from up to 15 taps and an impressive array of bottled options; music enthusiasts will also appreciate its extensive collection of old and new tunes!

Nimmanhaemin offers more than just high-end coffee shops and trendy restaurants; it also features some of the city’s best local markets, offering everything from Thai silks to black lacquerware if you’re in search of something original to take home with you.

Nimmanhaemin Night Market offers another highlight, where visitors can get their food and beverage needs met in an intimate, peaceful setting away from the old town crowds. Enjoy authentic cuisines such as northern Thai som*dam (spicy green papaya salad) and lahp (minced meat with herbs), or explore their vegetarian-friendly selections here too.

Nimmanhaemin can be explored easily using songthaews (those adorable red trucks). But the real fun lies in arriving without an agenda and exploring its streets and sois (streets/alleys). Here you will discover little cafes, bars and coffee shops – perfect for early morning exploration before moped mania begins!