Doi Ang Khang – The Little Switzerland of Thailand

Doi Ang Khang – The Little Switzerland of Thailand

Doi Ang Khang is famous for its picturesque viewpoints. Some of the best can be seen from Monson Viewpoint and at military basecamp; these views become especially breathtaking during wintertime when there is heavy fog cover.

His Majesty Bhumibol Adulyadej established the Royal Agricultural Station, designed to promote temperate climate fruit, vegetables, flowers and tea cultivation. You can walk, drive or bicycle around its wide circle to admire its stunning plantations and gardens.

1. Stunning Viewpoints

Doi Ang Khang Mountain in Chiang Mai’s Fang district offers one of the most breathtaking and unique places to visit in all of Thailand. A breathtaking combination of beautiful mountain roads, sleepy villages and breathtaking vistas, this breathtaking mountain offers it all to visitors who come here. Plus it has plenty of history and culture; once home to both Chinese and Burmese influences.

Doi Ang Khang is truly breathtaking to reach, boasting stunning curves and steep slopes on nearly traffic free roads. As you ascend higher into the mountain ranges you will witness breathtaking scenes, including beautiful waterfalls along your route as well as dense forests filled with colorful blooming trees.

Doi Ang Khang offers many captivating hill tribe villages for visitors to enjoy, with Musur, Palong and Thai Yai tribes representing various regions and countries of northern Thailand inhabiting them all. Residents here live a very simple life while remaining friendly and welcoming towards visitors.

Doi Ang Khang offers numerous peaceful camping spots and stunning vistas for you to admire while camping, with one being Ang Khang Monson Campground located close by the Royal Agricultural Station – providing some incredible sunrise views in Thailand!

Doi Ang Khang should be visited between November and January as the weather will be cooler and less humid – making exploring easier and more enjoyable. However, visitors should note that February through April is when Doi Ang Khang can become subject to haze due to burning season activity.

2. Tea Plantation 2000

Doi Ang Khang is famed for its breathtaking views and sunrise, but also serves as an internationally acclaimed tea and fruit plantation. First established by King Bhumibol Adulyadej in 1969, its agricultural station now contains over 12 species of temperate climate fruit, flowers, and vegetables.

Thailand is also home to one of the few locations where rare Chinese Yunnan black tea can be grown; this unique type of black tea grown at higher elevations boasts stronger body and flavor than lower-altitude farms; due to its special properties and health benefits it has become one of the world’s most beloved beverages.

Visitors to the plantation can learn about the tea-making process and sample various varieties at the cafe, while there are also botanical gardens nearby for them to take in nature’s splendour.

Start your mountain experience right by getting up early and heading out to Mon Son Viewpoint to experience sunrise. You won’t regret starting the day early! There are also food stalls offering simple breakfast items such as toast, fried dough, instant congee and coffee for purchase at this site.

Ban Khum is the main community on this hill and features several restaurants and a hotel. Many residents hail from Lahu or Palaung hill tribes and still wear traditional attire – perfect for experiencing authentic Thai hill village culture while learning more about local customs. Renting a motorbike is recommended to reach this hill village.

3. Hill Tribe Villages

Once famous for the opium trade that linked northern Thailand with other countries, Doi Ang Khang has since gained more notoriety for its cool climates and unlikely agriculture. Situated on the border between Thailand and Myanmar, hill tribe villages provide visitors with an insight into this wild landscape; domestic tourists come here for respite from Thailand’s relentless heat while wearing woollen scarves or cute hats so as to feel its refreshing air caress their skin and enjoy this mountain retreat.

Attractions at this location include projects by the Royal Agricultural Research Centre that feature colorful flower gardens with the technical assistance of scientists and gardeners. Outside its compound you will also find picturesque tea plantations and fruit farms, perfect for hiking and camping trips. In Ban Kob Dong you’ll find Black Lahu villages while Nor Lae (commonly referred to as Dara-Ang) hosts Palong villages from Myanmar who migrated into Thailand during the 1980s.

Mon Son Viewpoint provides one of the finest scenic vantages around Doi Ang Khang. Here you can witness breathtaking panoramic views of Chai Prakan and Chai Ngar Mountains beyond, not forgetting an exceptional sight if cherry blossom season happens to reach its climax in wintertime and this area comes alive with colors.

To reach Doi Ang Khang from Chiang Mai, two options exist for transport – renting a motorbike from the city or taking a shared minivan (Songthaew). Both modes take about 3.5 hours and it is highly advised that costs be divided among friends or travel companions so as to reduce transportation expenses.

4. Mineral Water Pools

Doi Ang Khang, located north of Chiang Mai, is an incredible mountain region straddling the Thai-Myanmar border. Once known for lawlessness due to opium plantations and drug trafficking activities, today Doi Ang Khang offers one of the most unique experiences available anywhere in Thailand for travelers who seek respite from tropical humidity while experiencing Thai, Chinese, and Burmese cultures.

Doi Ang Khang offers amazing views, hiking trails, exploring hill tribe villages and visiting themed gardens – such as medicinal herb and flower gardens that specialize in treating various aliments through rows of medicinal herbs such as lavender, chamomile and roses; there is even a large stone water fountain providing fresh mineral waters from which you can drink! Among these options lies one of Doi Ang Khang’s best activities – hiking. Explore hill tribe villages; enjoy themed gardens like medicinal herb and flower gardens that specialize in medicinal use. The most famous garden is probably medicinal herb and flower gardens – most famous is probably medicinal herb and flower gardens which specialize in curative treatments like lavender, chamomile and roses rows; this popular garden features rows of medicinal herbs used for various ailments along with roses; whilst in its middle lies a large stone water fountain that flows with mineral waters from its center!

Doi Ang Khang offers free tours of its tea plantation facilities. Visitors can stroll through enchanting hills of tea leaves while experiencing some of Thailand’s finest tea varieties.

Doi Ang Khang does not offer public transportation directly into its grounds, so driving or motorbiking is the ideal means of reaching this stunning mountain range. Driving time from Chiang Mai is estimated at 3.5 hours; including 1 hour crawling up steep slopes and around endless hairpin turns. Alternatively, consider taking the bus to Fang and hiring a day driver there; which should cost approximately 1000 THB per person. To stay connected on the go while abroad using Airalo’s global eSIM card will help keep costs down while mobile data costs remain manageable when roaming charges reduce significantly while keeping mobile data costs manageable while traveling overseas.

5. Drone Flights

Doi Ang Khang offers breathtaking mountain views and scenery that is the ideal setting to escape city life and find relaxation.

Are you searching for an exciting way to explore your region? Look no further than a drone flight! There are countless local companies that provide aerial tours, and the views can truly be breathtaking.

This company offers a scenic tour, featuring visits to Doi Ang Khang waterfall and tea plantation as well as offering BBQ lunch for an additional charge.

The company provides a range of packages based on your desired length of stay; their most popular offering is a four hour trip for 1,600 THB per person.

For those who would rather take it easy, we offer a 3 hour tour for just 950 THB per person – this does not include entry into Pha Daeng National Park.

Doi Ang Khang offers stunning aerial shots that make for incredible videos, but this drone company also provides breathtaking ground-level views perfect for taking photographs or videos.

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