Double Takes: Double Takes on Conde Nast Traveler: Hotels Where Animals Roam Free and the World’s Coolest Ice Hotels

I’ve been busy over on Conde Nast Traveler. This week’s posts featured The Coolest Ice Hotels in the World and 8 Hotels Where Wild Animals Roam Free. Here’s what what else you may have missed so far this month:

>> The Most Intense Volcanic Craters in the World

>> 10 Best U.S. Museums for Kids (and Kids at Heart)

Double Takes: Comfy Commuter Pillows and Blankets Provide Remedies to Common Travel Discomforts

We love to travel, but let’s be real–the cold and uncomfortable journey can be less than appealing, especially on extra long flights or overnight bus journeys. Ana Rojas and her daughter Linda Hernandez have created a line of products to remedy these common travel discomforts, and they’re fabulous.

The aptly named Comfy Commuter pillow covers all the basics: neck, head, and chin support, and it’s easy to transport when not being used (one style even conveniently folds up in a small pocket). In response to the overwhelming popularity of Comfy Commuter travel pillows, the mother-daughter duo designed the perfect travel blanket. It’s u-shaped and wraps around you in a way that prevents it from ending up on the floor.

In addition to providing travelers with the most comfortable travel accessories, Comfy Commuter also guarantees you’ll love them, or your money back. Visit Comfy Commuter to learn more.

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Double Takes: Discover a Fresh Way to Fly in the First Ever Dreamliner 787­-9 – Brought to you by Air New Zealand

Jet setting in our modern world has become a true art form. Without a great in­flight experience, our travels can transgress from relaxing to daunting. Airlines are constantly in search for new and innovative ways to improve passenger comfort. With the addition of a new aircraft to their impressive fleet, Air New Zealand is changing the way we approach flying.

Air New Zealand recently unveiled the first ever Dreamliner 787­-9. The new Dreamliner 787-­9 features the distinctive black version of the airline’s new­look livery. Ushering in a new dimension of global aviation, customers will discover the best sleep in the sky with Business Premier, superior comfort with Premium Economy, space to stretch out in Economy SkycouchTM or hours of HD content with Economy.

The 787­-9 began operating the Auckland – Perth route on October 15, 2014 and will operate to both Tokyo and Shanghai beginning in November 2014. Learn more about the extraordinary features of the new Dreamliner 787-­9 here:!/home.

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Double Takes: Photography Series Captures Indian Cinemas

India has a rich cinematic history, and catching a “Bollywood” movie while visiting the country is a must. German photographers Sabine Haubitz and Stefanie Zoche capture this side of Indian culture in their series of photographs of the country’s movie theaters.
“The photos of these buildings give eloquent testimony to the rich cinematic culture of those times. We are particularly interested in the culturally influenced reinterpretation of modern building style apparent in the architectural style, which displays an unusual mixture of Modernism, local architectural elements, a strong use of colour and, in the case of some older cinema halls, of Art Deco.”

You can view all their photographs on their website.

Via Ignant

Double Takes: Global Yodel Lets You Shop Photography and Art from Around the World, Inspired by the World.

Global Yodel is a “community of citizens from all over the world who inspire one another” through stories and photographs. They succeed in providing a platform for discovering “the globe one Yodel at a time.” All of their content is worth viewing, and they’ve launched a shop with exclusive photography and art from around the world, inspired by the world. They were kind enough to send me this awesome print and I couldn’t be more excited to get it framed and on my wall.