Discover Mae Rim Grace – A Hidden Spiritual Oasis

Discover Mae Rim Grace – A Hidden Spiritual Oasis

Mae Rim is an idyllic town offering numerous attractions. If you want a break from Chiang Mai’s hectic pace, Mae Rim makes for an excellent visit.

One of the top things to do in Mae Rim is visit Queen Sirikit Botanical Garden, featuring both native and exotic plants.

How to Get There

Mae Rim can best be reached by car, as its roads are well-kept and easy to navigate. Bus or taxi services also make travel to this region possible, or book a guided tour with one of their experienced guides or drivers for an immersive experience of this region.

Mae Rim is an idyllic spot just north of Chiang Mai, known for its natural beauty and wildlife. Additionally, this charming town showcases authentic Thai culture – where local artisans sell handmade items along the streets or visitors can indulge in traditional Thai lunch at one of many local restaurants.

Mae Rim offers numerous hiking trails, making it an ideal outdoor enthusiast destination. One such path leads to Doi Suthep Peak; tourists and locals alike often make the pilgrimage up this mountaintop landmark that stands as the highest peak in Thailand and offers breathtaking views. Another hike leads to Wat Pa Dara Phirom Temple which houses artifacts belonging to Mae Rim’s royal family as well as collections of antiques.

Are you curious to explore indigenous culture? Visit a hilltribe village in Mae Rim for the Mon Cham hilltribe community as an example of how indigenous people lived both historically and currently. Visitors will have an opportunity to discover all kinds of skills these villagers possess such as wood carving and weaving.

Mae Rim’s Mae Sa Waterfall can be found within Doi Suthep National Park. This breathtaking waterfall stands out from others due to its unusual design resembling that of a mountain with cascades tumbling off its sides, inviting visitors to walk around its scenic setting and enjoy it up close.

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Things to Do

Mae Rim is a town that’s popular with tourists because of its peacefulness and natural attractions, providing a welcome respite from city life in Chiang Mai. This picturesque area makes for a wonderful retreat!

Mae Rim offers many attractions for visitors, including visiting Wat Pa Dara Phirom Temple, exploring its village, and taking a picturesque walk along Mae Sa River. Additionally, there is the Siam Insect Zoo museum which allows guests to view specimens while learning more about insects’ life cycles and lifespans.

Go on an elephant tour – it is an increasingly popular activity in this region and costs approximately 1600 Baht per person. Not only will you ride them, but also feed and bathe them!

Mae Rim offers many delicious local restaurants for dining. Options range from the vegan-friendly North Restaurant and Terra & The Farmer’s Bar, offering Mediterranean and northern Thai cuisine accompanied by a greenhouse section for relaxing during dining – both offering romantic couples or families an enjoyable dining experience! However, booking ahead may be necessary as these spots often reach capacity quickly.


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