Get Close to Majestic Felines at Tiger Kingdom

Get Close to Majestic Felines at Tiger Kingdom

Tiger Kingdom combines both tiger park and restaurant. Visitors can play with both small and large tigers while feasting on delicious Thai and intercontinental cuisine.

Lions (Panthera leo) can be found inhabiting African savannahs while tigers (Panthera tigris) typically reside in Asian forests; their respective habitats do not overlap naturally, therefore encounters between them are rarely experienced in nature.

Animal Encounters

Tiger Kingdom offers visitors an experience like no other; visitors can play, touch and take pictures with cubs and adults of various big cats in a safe and controlled environment. As part of its conservation breeding program, these tigers receive special care. Furthermore, Tiger Kingdom supports local communities through offering packages at various price points from entry-level to more costly offerings.

Visitors should be aware that tigers may bite. Although these animals do not intend to injure anyone, if provoked they could potentially do so and bite without warning. Therefore, the facility advises guests to maintain a distance from them at all times and not touch their faces or tails, while wearing comfortable clothing that won’t attract their claws and avoid flash photography which may irritate these animals.

Trainers use sticks to control the animals’ movements and prevent them from attacking visitors, while visitors must listen closely and follow all instructions given by trainers. Trainers also teach young tigers not to bite or scratch humans and teach them not to approach people directly from front.

Tiger Kingdom’s tigers have been raised in captivity and become familiar with humans, so they typically don’t fear human contact and understand that they won’t be hurt by visitors. But these animals should still be respected as they could bite when provoked – if this ever occurs and a visitor is injured as a result, medical assistance will be dispatched immediately while any injured tigers will be relocated away from Tiger Kingdom immediately.

While most people appreciate Tiger Kingdom’s tigers, some critics question its ethicality in keeping wild animals captive. Concerns have been voiced regarding the welfare of its animals as well as whether or not they are drugged or sedated, and whether or not they are exploited for entertainment. Tiger Kingdom must balance between meeting regulatory requirements while meeting visitor and staff needs simultaneously.

Photo Sessions

Tiger Kingdom offers visitors the unique experience of getting up close and personal with these big cats – the only place in Thailand where visitors can actually touch tigers! However, as it becomes an increasingly popular tourist attraction there has been much controversy as people debate if it is ethical to sedate these animals before allowing people to touch and pet them like an idle feline in a sunbeam.

Even amid all its controversy, most visitors to the Tiger Temple report an unforgettable experience and incredible photo opps! Tigers are unquestionably beautiful yet powerful animals – experiencing them up close is truly special and touching one is a lifetime opportunity.

An animal encounter typically lasts around 10 minutes with your chosen big cat. Choose from small baby tigers, medium sized cats or the biggest of them all for an experience you won’t forget – with our friendly staff helping you pick out just the right tiger for you.

It’s important to keep in mind when selecting a photo session with wild animals like tigers that they are wild creatures and should be treated as such. You will be required to pose in front of them, which may move around or change positions; this ensures their safety while giving you a chance at taking an excellent shot of your experience with them.

Trainers of tiger cubs will be more than happy to take photos with you if desired; however, they advise against overstaging poses for more than several seconds and/or smiling too widely or opening your mouth, due to its sharp teeth being dangerous if handled incorrectly.

The Tiger Temple is open year-round, and offers photo sessions with these majestic cats for as little as 1,600 baht (THB). All tickets include first-class insurance coverage so all that needs to be focused on is having a good time!


Tiger Kingdom offers amazing animal encounters for visitors of all kinds! Their encounters offer visitors an unrivaled experience that allows them to interact and play with tigers directly in their enclosures! Do not miss this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that should not be overlooked by nature lovers of all stripes – ticket prices at Tiger Kingdom are extremely reasonable making this an affordable and pocket-friendly option perfect for families, groups of friends or solo travelers.

Tiger Kingdom tigers have been living among humans from birth, and enjoy all the attention from its visitors. Daily handling, strokes, pattings, and petting have become so routine that even heavy hands rarely disturb them. But it is still important to keep an eye out when touching any tiger face as this could be seen as a threat by them and you should read and abide by any book of rules provided at the entrance of the park.

Visit Tiger Kingdom early morning hours when its residents are most energetic, as this will ensure less people. After midday, however, the animals may become lethargic or even hostile due to heat exhaustion from sun exposure.

Are you an animal enthusiast and love big cats? Tiger Kingdom offers the ideal experience. Here, visitors can interact with tigers and cheetahs while taking stunning photographs. Experienced caretakers provide insights into tiger behavior, conservation efforts and protection. Food options at Tiger Kingdom range from Thai specialities to intercontinental cuisines; so come make an unforgettable visit.

Tiger Kingdom offers an unforgettable experience for visitors of all ages, as it’s open every single day of the year – making sure that every opportunity to interact and take pictures with these magnificent felines doesn’t pass you by! Don’t wait another second; book tickets today and make this unforgettable momentous occasion part of your lifetime memory!


Tiger Kingdom is one of the only temples where visitors can safely interact with big cats in an organised and controlled way. You will receive a safety briefing and introduction before entering their enclosures for playing or photo ops with them. Furthermore, staff will teach you all about tigers’ behavior, care needs, nutrition requirements, etc.

Tiger Kingdom tigers have been handled and stroked since birth, which makes them less aggressive than you might assume. They love being patted or rubbed on their tummies by humans and they enjoy human company immensely; however, touching their heads or front paws might be perceived as an aggressive challenge by the animals.

Tigers in their natural environment tend to be nocturnal animals that do not like being disturbed during the day; therefore, Tiger Kingdom offers 24-hour sanctuary care, even on public holidays!

Chiang Mai offers visitors an opportunity to experience an encounter with tigers during their stay, though this cannot make up for their unnatural lifestyles. Therefore, it is crucial that visitors abide by any guidelines set by our trained staff so as to prevent overly excited or aggressive encounters with these majestic animals.

Avoid wearing clothing or accessories that may attract the tigers’ attention or cause them to become aggressive, as this could provoke them and they may mistake these objects as prey and attack you or damage your possessions.

Never approach tigers from directly behind or stand directly in their faces; instead, approach from either their side or rear, so as not to cause anxiety for them and maintain calm interaction without feeling threatened by you. This will also allow them to focus solely on engaging with their environment without feeling stressed out by its presence.

Make sure not to use any sticks that could agitate the tigers, as these might make them believe you are trying to threaten them. Sticks should only be used if direct eye contact occurs or aggressive behavior manifests itself; then the trainer can bang the stick against something nearby as a warning that any future incidents of aggressive behavior will result in punishments from authorities.