Kad Farang Village – A Different Side of Chiang Mai

Kad Farang Village – A Different Side of Chiang Mai

Location: North of Nimman This community space serves more as a residential community for locals rather than being an attraction for tourists, making it ideal for expats with access to transportation.

Car-friendly and located near the airport, this center provides access to various stores catering to modern lifestyles for foreign families, students and business professionals alike.


Kad Farang Village on Chiang Mai – Hang Dong Road is a boutique lifestyle mall that combines modern and Lanna styles. This community provides everything that visitors and locals require to live comfortably – ranging from supermarkets, take-home restaurants, academic institutions, fashion stores and banks with complete services – to shady areas and covered walkways; there is even a Starbucks that looks more like an elegant castle than your neighbourhood spot!

Kad Farang Village features both Western and Asian dining options, providing something for every craving imaginable. If you miss the comforting tastes of home, KFC, Dunkin Donuts, McDonald’s are among many restaurants available here to satisfy those homesick expats; KFC, Dunkin Donuts and McDonald’s should suffice – with After You and The Commons’ Roast offering delicious honey toast or cuppa tea respectively for caffeine addicts! For something different try My Vietnamese Food, Shabu Naki (Japanese), or Yuu Dai Premium Yakiniku!

Note that the village caters mainly to tourists and foreigners, so its prices will likely be higher than other stores in town. However, due to its convenient location it’s an ideal option for visitors from outside town who do not wish to make long treks into the city centre.

Village markets and shops provide visitors with plenty of souvenirs and gifts at very reasonable prices, from handmade goods made by artisans at small vendors, as well as larger stores such as H&M and Zara. Some vendors are run by expats who speak English fluently making shopping even simpler for visitors.

Kad Farang can be reached easily using several transportation options, from tuk-tuks and songthaews to taxis. Tuk-tuks tend to be faster but typically more costly; hourly or daily rentals may be available; as the village lies close to many Chiang Mai attractions it can easily be reached on foot or car if desired; though driving in Thailand can often prove tricky and it is wiser if possible to leave the vehicle at home if possible.


Kad Farang Village on Chiang Mai’s Hang Dong Road provides a stunning blend of modern and Lanna style architecture. A popular center among foreign visitors and hosting night and weekend markets for tourists as well as locals, this village provides all of the amenities expected from a shopping mall; including large supermarket, take-away restaurants offering takeaway services, academic institutions, banks offering financial services and premium outlet stores selling Western clothing and accessories.

The center is organized into zones by services they offer: Dining, Kids & Entertainment, Health & Beauty, Services & Other and Kad Welcome Food Centre. Here there is an impressive variety of restaurants ranging from fast-food chains such as KFC to Thai eateries like Thai Basil. There are familiar favorites like KFC, Dunkin Donuts, Starbucks and McDonald’s available here as well as unique ones from various Asian cultures that may tempt you if something reminds you of home!

When it comes to drinks and snacks, Pad Thai is always an ideal option; available nearly everywhere you look. Other popular dishes include Massaman Curry – a mild chicken curry dish- and Tom Yum Soup. And don’t forget the Rim Ping Supermarket offers an assortment of imported foods!

Kad Farang Village offers food and shopping at any time of day; however, its true magic lies within its night market atmosphere on Wednesday and weekend nights – featuring everything from clothing to food at bargain prices!

Kad Farang Village can be easily reached using various transportation options, from tuk-tuks and three-wheeled bicycles, to taxis or songthaews with doors and seat belts if staying the night.


Kad Farang Village offers more than just retail shops; it also boasts an assortment of entertainment venues like movie theater, karaoke rooms and bowling alley to provide the perfect escape from city life.

Village life at Chiang Mai has been divided into several zones to help visitors quickly locate what they need quickly. Visitors will find everything from large supermarkets and dine-in and take away restaurants to banks and financial institutions offering student services, pharmacies and drug stores, clothing and accessory shops and fitness centers with child care services all here – one of the best tourist spots.

Next door to McDonald’s lies “Little Europe”, with many foreign food import outlets that sell your favorite brands at significantly reduced prices compared to elsewhere in town. Furthermore, night and weekend markets make Little Europe an excellent place for bargain hunting!

Village dining options range from international chains and restaurants, such as Starbucks and KFC, to local eateries serving popular Thai dishes such as pad Thai and Massaman curry. You may even spot one or two local stalls serving these meals!

There are also some Asian restaurants nearby, including My Vietnamese Food, Shabu Naki and Yuu Dai Premium Yakiniku. If you prefer Western cuisine instead, there’s always KFC, Dunkin Donuts, McDonald’s or Starbucks available as options.

Although public transport options exist, for a more convenient journey you should rent a tuk-tuk or songthaew. While these more costly vehicles might cost more than local buses, their speed makes up for any extra costs associated with using them; hourly rentals or daily rates can be found here and can easily be identified by their colorful paint jobs and two benches located along one side of their vehicle.


Kad Farang Village, situated on Hang Dong Road in Chiang Mai’s south, offers everything visitors and locals need in one convenient lifestyle mall. Offering restaurants, services, a huge supermarket and food zone with fast-food chains such as Burger King; fashion stores for kids’ entertainment; academic institutions as well as sports organizations – among many other amenities – plus comprehensive services; the design combines contemporary with Lanna styles featuring shaded walkways lined with green trees – this boutique lifestyle mall is the ideal combination of contemporary design with Lanna styles being ideal.

The mall is divided into five zones that cater to Dining, Kids & Entertainment, Health & Beauty, Service & Others and Kad Welcome Food Centre. You will also find premium outlet shops carrying famous Western brand products at reduced prices; as well as banks, hair salons, clinics and pharmacies within its complex.

Kad Farang Village can best be explored via songthaew or taxi service, where you can book in advance, rent by hour or at daily rates, use Grab Taxi app for quick booking, or rent scooter or motorcycle if preferred for more comfortable journey. Thailand boasts chaotic traffic with the second highest road fatality rate worldwide – take care when navigating Thai roads!

Tuk-tuks can take you around Kad Farang Village and nearby areas, while for faster and more convenient rides consider hiring a samlor, which is a three-wheeled motorbike capable of carrying up to three people for similar prices as a tuk-tuk – just be mindful it does not feature doors or seat belts – although these faster yet safer transport methods might cost more money overall than using one like the latter option.