Mon Jam – A Guide to Chiang Mai’s Scenic Mountain Getaway

Mon Jam – A Guide to Chiang Mai’s Scenic Mountain Getaway

Mon Jam is an essential destination, whether you’re seeking outdoor adventure or looking for somewhere peaceful to relax. Offering breathtaking views, trails and coffee shops with something for everyone to enjoy – Mon Jam will not disappoint.

His Majesty the King included this area in the Nong Hoi Royal Project to teach hill tribes and villages how to cultivate crops with cooler climates that would fetch higher prices at local markets. Today it boasts many strawberry farms and delicious orange gardens!

Flower Fields

Mon Jam Village is just an hour and a half drive away from Chiang Mai, making it the ideal day trip destination. Offering beautiful landscapes, hiking trails and even cloud glamping – Mon Jam provides everything needed to escape everyday life and give yourself some much-needed R&R!

Mon Jum is an idyllic mountain viewpoint featuring picturesque farm terraces that look out over the valleys below. A popular location among photographers and Instagrammers alike, Mon Jum draws people year-round when its blooming flowers create an incredible display. Additionally, this scenic spot is home to restaurants where you can dine against an inspiring mountain landscape while looking out into fields and beyond.

Mon Jam’s hilltops are home to farming communities of indigenous hill tribes that have adapted their agriculture for this mountainous region, creating strawberry farms and charming cafes offering breathtaking views.

If you’re feeling adventurous, climb to the summit of Mon Jam mountain and experience stunning panoramic views of northern Thai landscape from its Sky Walk which hangs off its side. If this adventure doesn’t appeal to you, Mon Jam offers many other activities, including its iconic zipline ride and lush botanical garden with canopy walkway.

Mon Jam is accessible by a steep and winding road that requires good fitness levels to travel safely on. Motorbike riders should at least use a 125cc bike, while accidents happen frequently on Thailand’s roads so be wary. Car owners can drive directly up the mountain; however I strongly suggest joining a tour group with an experienced guide as they will know where it is safe to stop for lunch etc. In any case they will also help address any potential problems and ensure your experience in Mon Jam will be an unforgettable one!

Hiking Trails

Mon Jam is an agricultural community located just an hour’s drive from Chiang Mai and close to Mae Sa Valley, perfect for outdoor adventures and natural splendor. Hikers will find this destination ideal; while families will also appreciate its picturesque natural splendor.

Mon Jam offers spectacular mountain and peak views from numerous trails, and there is also a small waterfall nearby called Tat Mok for swimming and cooling down with its cool waters. Additionally, Tat Mok makes for the ideal picnic location – either bring in your own food or make use of one of the coffee shops here!

Visit Mon Jam is also the ideal time and place to sample some of the delicious strawberries that grow here, making April-June ideal for sampling delicious, freshly picked berries.

Visit the Nong Hoi Royal Project garden where vibrant blooms appear year round or try one of the various cafes and restaurants. The village inhabitants are very friendly and make a living from producing fruits, vegetables, coffee beans and other crops that require cool climate conditions – once known for opium cultivation but now more focused on more sustainable practices through this project from King.

Queen Sirikit Botanical Gardens should also be on your itinerary; as one of Thailand’s largest botanical gardens with over 100,000 plant species on display, this site provides an ideal place to gain more insight into Thai culture and traditions.

Note that during the burning season – which takes place throughout each year depending on weather – air quality may become seriously compromised due to farmers burning fields to prepare them for new crops, creating smog. Therefore it is advisable to assess and plan accordingly prior to heading up onto any mountains.

Local Culture

Mon Jam Village, situated just north of Chiang Mai, is a mountain community with an abundant local culture. Famous for its cool weather, gorgeous mountain views and hill tribe village life – Mon Jam attracts hikers and nature enthusiasts alike, while offering many beautiful gardens and terraced farm fields for hiking enthusiasts to discover.

Mon Jam is an ideal spot to visit on a day trip from Chiang Mai or to stay for multiple days. Accommodation choices in Mon Jam range from simple mountain lodges to luxurious resorts; many take full advantage of its natural scenery with open terraces offering beautiful vistas.

While there are various means of reaching Mon Jam from Chiang Mai, car travel remains the easiest. From there, the trip will take approximately 1 and a half hours along winding and thrilling bends roads with frequent hairpin turns en route. As for motorbike drivers, be aware that reaching Mon Jam requires shifting into first gear on reaching its steep final stretch of road before entering its village center.

Once in the village, you’ll be welcomed by an array of souvenir shops and a coffee-shop atop a high, steep mountain slope with simple bamboo huts for seating where you can appreciate its spectacular vistas.

Outshone by their breathtaking view, the huts on top of the hill also provide an ideal place to sample some of the local food. A restaurant at the summit serves a selection of Thai dishes for visitors looking for an enjoyable dining experience in scenic surroundings.

Mon Jam is an ideal location to experience local culture, and you’ll gain valuable insights by visiting its attractions. Flower fields and hiking trails allow visitors to see all that the mountain range has to offer; plus it is a wonderful place for relaxation and recharge with friendly locals nearby.


Mon Jam provides visitors with plenty to do, from beautiful flower fields and exquisite cafes, to exciting outdoor activities and captivating local culture. Just a short drive from Chiang Mai, Mon Jam provides the ideal escape for anyone wanting to immerse themselves in nature and adventure.

Mon Jam is located in Chiang Mai’s Nong Hoi District and features several beautiful botanical gardens and natural wonders, operated by hill tribe communities as part of the Royal Project initiative launched by late King Bhumibol Adulyadej to encourage sustainable farming practices and provide livelihood opportunities to hill tribes in the region. Visitors to Mon Jam can stroll leisurely through these lush botanical gardens full of vibrant flowers and herbs!

Mon Jam boasts not only beautiful flower fields but also numerous coffee shops and strawberry farms that provide visitors with a taste of local culture and cuisine. Many of these establishments boast spectacular locations; often boasting open terraces overlooking valleys or mountains in the area where guests can unwind with quality coffee or tea while admiring breathtaking scenery around them.

Mon Jam is well-known for its breathtaking scenery and delicious food, as well as its numerous hiking trails. Visitors can spend the day or more hiking the trails while taking in the beauty of mountainous surroundings. Beginner and intermediate hikers will both find Mon Jam to be ideal – the views along its trails will surely take your breath away!

Visit Mon Jam’s famed coffee shops atop steep hills for another popular activity. These cozy establishments provide a range of coffees and teas as well as baked goods and cooked dishes in an idyllic setting, ideal for reading a good book or meeting up with friends – many are even designed to take full advantage of their stunning surroundings!

Mon Jam can be reached easily from Chiang Mai by renting either a car or motorbike and heading out into the countryside. As the road leading there can be windy and often steep at its end, a powerful engined motorbike would be best. Once arrived at Mon Jam there are parking lots where your vehicle can be left safely.